Saturday, November 9, 2013

Skyrim War Journal: Table of Contents

The Adventures of Matthias The Bather In The Realm Of Skyrim

Prologue: The Eternal Bastard

One: Another Fine Myth You've Gotten Me Into

Two:  A Cunning Forger-ry

Three: There And Back Again.  And Again.  And Again

Four: That Was Sven, This Is Now

Five: Unfinished Business

Interlude: Paid For By The Skyrim Board of Tourism

Six: Take The Money And Whiterun

Seven: Dragonborn To Run

Eight: Holding Out On A Hero

Nine: The Quickest Way To A Man's Heart (Through His Chest, With A Dagger)

Ten: Skyrim Follies (with Paul Cornell)

Eleven: The People In Your Neighborhood

Twelve: Top Of The World

Thirteen: Kick My Heels Up And SHOUT!

Fourteen: When Is A Theft Not A Theft?

Fifteen: Tripping The Riften

Sixteen: The Kid's AREN'T Alright

Seventeen: Nice Day To Start Again...

Eighteen: Back To School

Nineteen: Cleaning House.  Literally and Metaphorically

Twenty: A Change In Wardrobe

Twenty-One: One Hundred Hours In Solitude

Twenty-Two: A Bird In Flight

Twenty-Three: Birds Of A Feather

Twenty-Four: Pay Back and Paying It Back

Twenty-Five: Only The Petulant Man Will Pass

Twenty-Six: A Change Is As Good As A Rest

Twenty-Seven: While You Were Out...

Twenty-Eight: Diplomatic Insanity

Twenty-Nine: So Sewer Me

Thirty: The Best Blade Plans

Thirty-One: Paarthurnax Course

Thirty-Two: A Book Long Overdue

Thirty-Three: Starting A War For Peace

Thirty-Four: The Bitter End

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