Saturday, November 12, 2011

Skyrim: A Journal of War - Prologue: The Eternal Bastard

It is written in the scrolls and books of a thousand worlds that in times of need, when the balance between Order and Chaos is threatened, that a hero will arise to restore it. They will appear in many guises and be known by many names but all of them are but one aspect of a universal hero - an Eternal Champion.

This is not His story.

Because what is less well known and even less frequently spoken of is another figure. A trickster figure. One who is marked for great things by destiny yet totally incapable of or unwilling to grasp the fate that the universe has thrust upon them. Scholars have no idea why this should be so, save that the gods are unjust, unfair or - more than likely - are in need of a good laugh as much as anyone else.

Hither came Matthias The Bastard, brown-haired, sunken-eyed, knife in hand, a rogue, a schemer, a liar, with gigantic ironies and sarcastic smirks, to tread the jeweled thrones of the Earth under his booted feet just before prying the jewels loose with a crowbar and heading for the hills.

This, unfortunately, is his story.

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