Sunday, July 27, 2014

Superman #33 - A Review

Superman #33 is something unusual in that it is a Superman book that barely contains any action. The focus here isn't on big climactic battles or costumed madmen but upon the staff of the Daily Planet, who are as confused as the rest of Metropolis about the appearance of a mysterious new hero fighting alongside Superman.  Clark Kent is short on answers as well, but he intends to learn the origins of the mysterious man called Ulysses...

Writer Geoff Johns' love for these characters is apparent and it is good to see the Daily Planet staff back in action.  The scenes with these characters are enjoyable, introducing us to these characters without feeling over-expository.  Johns is famous for his gift for dialogue - and there is some good comedy here - but the most effective sequences in this issue may be the ones that are free of text.

There are a number of scenes  in this issue where the story is told purely through the pictures.  We learn more about Ulysses as a person watching him examine Clark Kent's apartment than we do in any of the dialogue.  There is also an effective silent sequence in which we see Clark putting his investigative skills to the test.

Superman #33 is fairly light on action.  And yet, it is one of the best Superman comics I've read in recent memory.  This book remembers that what makes Superman super is his infinite capacity for wanting to help other people and that doesn't always mean punching a bad guy.  If you like Superman, you'll love this book.  And if you don't like Superman, well, maybe this book will take you a step closer to doing so.

Arrow Season 3 Trailer. Ra's Al Ghul Confirmed As Big-Bad.

The cat is out of the bag. And among other things, the new trailer confirms that Ra's Al Ghul will be a major part of Season 3 of Arrow.

October 8th can't come fast enough.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Firefly Cast Returns for Firefly On-Line MMO!

Rumors of an MMO based on the world of Joss Whedon's Firefly have existed in abundance for a while. Many Browncoats remained skeptical even after pictures and video of the gameplay manifested. Now, there is no room for doubt. For it was announced at SDCC yesterday that not only is the game real but that the entire Firefly cast would be returning to reprising their roles.

 A new trailer explains it all.

Registration has begun at

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Con Report: North Texas Comic Book Show - July 19, 2014 - Part Three

And now, pictures of the cosplay contest and some of the contestants involved...

Ash Deadpool and Pika-pool.  

Angel from X-Men.


This vicious little Riddler threatened to steal my money, cut off my head...
and shave off my beard!  What must her parents think?!

A questionable fellow, this one...

Arkham Origins Deathstroke

The proud father with his Bat-Brood.

Thor vs. Loki


The Great Sayin Man!

Arkham City Harley Quinn

Princess Azula from Avatar

The Seven Winners: Deathstroke, Princess Azula, Poison Ivy, 
Ash Deadpool, Thor and Loki, Quicksilver and Harley Quinn.

Con Report: North Texas Comic Book Show - July 19, 2014 - Part Two

Our pal Anna from Glitzy Geek Girl was one of the professional cosplay guests.

Steampunk Princess Leia

Anna also hosted a wonderful how-to panel on cosplaying.

The other big panel for the day was a discussion on how Comics Are For Everyone.  This roundtable was hosted by our friends Taffeta Darling, Eddie Medina and The Jedi Cole Houston.

Me and Mike Grell - the best damn Green Arrow writer/artist ever.

I did allow myself one gratuitous expenditure this weekend.  I bought the preliminary sketch for this Green Arrow cover - one of the two times during his Green Arrow run that Grell depicted Black Canary in her classic costume.

I also bought this print from an artist, whose name I didn't catch.