Friday, April 21, 2017

Make Mine Marvel... No More!

I spent the better part of an hour trying to articulate my thoughts on why, effective immediately, I will not being supporting any product made by Marvel Comics including comic books, novels, merchandise or movies.

I've read a number of convincing arguments from other people as to why they can no longer support the company in the wake of Secret Empire #0.  From the Veteran who was inspired to serve his country because of Captain America to the Jewish and LGBT comic shop owners who balked at being asked to dress as Nazis in order to promote the comic, there are a lot of people who have legitimate, personal reasons to be upset by this comic.

I sympathize completely. I was similarly torn by One More Day and the idea that Peter Parker - who lived and breathed the idea that With Great Power, There Must Also Always Be Great Responsibility - would sacrifice his marriage in a Faustian Pact rather than work past the guilt of having indirectly caused the death of his Aunt May.

I boycotted all things Marvel from that point on until I was convinced to lift the ban so that I could see The Avengers movie. The argument from a fellow Browncoat that I shouldn't deny myself a new Joss Whedon movie over some comic that would be changed back to normal sooner or later swayed me. I still abstained from all things Spider-Man, but I would read titles written by writers I enjoyed under the Marvel banner.

The problem I face now is that any rallying cry I make for a boycott will ring hollow. Until recently I'd only been reading two Marvel Comics on a monthly basis and I'd already dropped one of them since it looked like it was going to start requiring me to read other titles. I lack the words to make up for my lack of gravitas.

Thankfully, I have an image that captures my feelings perfectly.

Starman Plays Skyrim Special Edition - Part 60

The undead killing streak continues, as we go off in search of a vampire lair on behalf of the court mage of Solitude. I also give a quick master-class in inventory management, enchanting and smithing before we buy ourselves a house, I become a Thane (again!) and we recruit one of the best companions in the game as our new Steward... right before I die a most random and unexpected death.

Starman Plays Skyrim Special Edition - Part 59

Having dealt with one necromantic menace and claimed the rewards for doing so, we head to the temple of Meridia - the Daedric prince of light and life - to rid it of the undead and magical darkness that now defile it.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Starman Plays Skyrim Special Edition - Part 58

In which we continue furthering our education at The Bard's College and undertake some quests on behalf of the faculty to recover some legendary musical instruments. But first we deal with the more pressing business of preventing the resurrection of a Necromancer Queen...

Starman Plays Skyrim Special Edition - Part 57

In which I ramble a bit too long about one of my favorite books growing up while making a point, read through some of the books in our inventory and we set about ensuring that the Skyrim equivalent of Guy Fawkes Day goes on as planned before stealing all the spiced wine and sweets!