Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Five #36 - A Review

Zasaz has turned up dead in his cell - a mystery that further convinces Hal Jordan that Sinestro is hiding something within The Regime's new super-prison. Meanwhile, Deathstroke encounters some unexpected resistance in his mission to steal a Motherbox from STAR Labs. It seems The Regime has recruited Metamorpho as a secret security guard and he's more than willing to give the world's greatest mercenary a beating.

I want to like this issue of Injustice more than I did but it suffered from a serious case of deja vu. Sinestro's playing dumb with Hal regarding the constant security breaches around Zasaz has become a running gag.  The problem is that Sinestro playing dumb seems horribly out of character for the former Green Lantern whose biggest crime was arrogance.

I think the ultimate problem is that we're close enough to the ending now there's little room for the sudden surprises that have made this series a delight. So while it's nice to see Metamorpho, the fight between him and Deathstroke falls a little flat since the action of the battle isn't clear. Mike S. Miller illustrates it well enough but there's no explanation for some of that happens. A little more narration might have smoothed things over.  In the end, this comic is merely acceptable rather than excellent - still worth reading, but a disappointment compared to what we're used to seeing on this series.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Starman Plays Martian Memorandum - Part One

In which we're hired by the richest man in the world to find something that was stolen from him but he can't tell us what it is. Oh! And his possibly kidnapped daughter too, if time permits. We set about doing this by seducing his secretary, annoying a number of people in cheap prosthetic makeup  and blackmailing a stripper with a drug problem.

Yeah. Tex isn't the hero he once was...

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Aquaman #5 - A Review

Thanks to the actions of an Atlantean terrorist group, the United States and Atlantis stand on the brink of war! Only Aquaman stands a chance of ordering his armies to stand down. Unfortunately, Mera's efforts to free him from prison have only aggravated the situation and now a military strike force is out to kill them both...

The action in this issue is quite good and the artwork is excellent throughout. This doesn't stop the issue from seeming like filler but it is solid, enjoyable superhero action. As in most Dan Abnett stories, the best moments are the brief character scenes where we get to see the supporting cast shine. Too bad these moments are all too brief.

All-New Wolverine #11 - A Review

Laura, Gabby and Old Man Logan are settling into their new digs fairly well, despite having to deal with the most unlucky burglars ever. Unfortunately, SHIELD is concerned about a recent vision by their pet precog Ulysses - one which has predicted Logan killing Gabby in the immediate future!

Tom Taylor weathers the forced tie-in to Civil War II as best he can.  Unfortunately, not even the cutest Gabby scenes can mask the stupidity of the mini-series base concept or the contrivances this issue's plot requires. There is no circumstance in which sending a SHIELD SWAT team to take down a PTSD-suffering Logan makes a lick of sense. It makes even less sense that Captain America would allow that team to accompany him, even if his plan were to try and talk everyone into going along with what the secret spy organization wants. The action scenes are decent enough if you can get past the fact that everyone is fighting for the sake of the issue needing an action sequence.

Ig Guara's artwork continues to be uneven, despite only having one inker to work with this month. There is very little consistency to the characters appearances, with Wolverine herself shifting between looking like a middle-aged woman or like a adolescent girl depending on the panel. The final art looks very strained, thanks to Wong's thin inks and Michael Garlands muted colors.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Starman Plays The Secret Of Monkey Island - Part Six

In which we get a head in navigation before venturing into the bowels of Hell to save our beloved Elaine, destroy LeChuck and save the Caribbean for decent unwashed murder hobos to ply their trade of larceny and rapine. Complete with all the alternate endings and alternate credits.