Friday, July 1, 2016

Starman Plays Discworld II - Part Five

In which we wander around Ankh-Morpork, seeing what has changed since Act I, trying desperately to find a way OUT of Ankh-Morpork. This necessitates us proving we are dead and finding out that Rincewind apparently goes commando under his robe.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Starman Plays Discworld II - Part Four

In which our petty thievery pays off and we move up to grand theft in our quest to perform The Rite Of Ashkente, as we steal a stench and condemn an innocent mouse to an eternity of torment as one of the walking (or scuttering) undead!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Spectrum #1 - A Review

Hopefully you read the Spectrum #0 book that came out on Free Comic Book Day this year. Otherwise, you may find Spectrum #1 hopelessly confusing! The story continues directly from Issue #0, without any sort of summary page or explanation of what came before.

Thankfully, most of the issue focuses on a new character - pilot Cash Wayne - but the parts of the book relating to a mysterious girl called The Scion and her protector (an alien called a Neewalker) prove completely inaccessible without prior knowledge of the first issue. It's a vexing problem given that this is the first issue available for purchase and likely the first bit of exposure most readers will have to the world of Spectrum.

Thankfully, there's a great story here if you have read Spectrum #0. Cash Wayne is an instantly likeable protagonist  - a pilot of the Hal Jordan School of Heroism. The interaction between himself and Captain Raaker (the central protagonist of the series) is interesting, despite being born of a standard Leader/Lancer conflict.

The artwork is absorbing. The pencils by Jason Johnson do a fine job of establishing the futuristic setting and Johnson caricatures "stars" Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk well enough. The finishes by Sarah Stone truly make the art pop on the page, with hues of orange and lighting effects crafting a cinematic aura.

Starman Plays Discworld II - Part Three

In which we meet up with some old familiar faces. Only they look completely different than they did in the first game, due to the different animation style and they're both voiced by different actors. So they really aren't that familiar at all. Don't know why I mentioned them really.

Anyway, we continue exploring Ankh-Morpork and investigate the new Clickies theater, a traveling shop, the docks, what's left of The Fool's Guild and - because all video games must have a level there, by law - the sewers.

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Five #28 - A Review

Barry Allen sought out Iris West seeking solace, only to find that she wanted nothing to do with him anymore. What is more, she's now part of the resistance fighting The Regime and she'd just been caught and cornered by King Shark and Girder - two brainwashed villains now in Superman's employ. But even if The Fastest Man Alive can save the woman he loves, is there still any hope of reconciliation?

I was hard-pressed to choose an image for this review because there's so much about this story I don't want to spoil. The creative team of Buccellato, Derenick and Lokus continue to fire on all cylinders as we approach Injustice's conclusion. It may be a bit late for me to encourage new readers to give this series a shot, but if you haven't been reading this series you are missing out on one of the best things to come out of DC Comics in the last decade.