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Supergirl Episode Guide: Season 4, Episode 10 - Suspicious Minds

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When Supergirl steps in to answer a distress call from a US Navy ship that is attacked by aliens and refuses to back-down when Colonel Haley tries to pull rank, the new head of the DEO redoubles her efforts to discover Supergirl's secret identity, starting with an intensive interrogation of all DEO personnel... including Alex! Meanwhile, Brainiac-5 attempts to get Nia Nul to embrace her powers, but she completely misinterprets his motives.


The Predator films (the stealth abilities of the Morae are like those of the Predators)


Neither Supergirl nor the soldier she caught who is knocked overboard are wet when Kara drops her back on the dexk, despite the soldier having landed in the water and Kara being seen diving in after her.

None of the actors can agree on whether or not Morea is prounced as "More-a", as in moray eel or "More-aye."

Why does Kara try to punch the Morae before trying to talk to them peacefully, only trying to talk sense into the one who remains after Alex killed the other one?  (Kinda hard to sell the "We don't want to hurt you" line that way...)

The combat scenes with the Morae are awkward due to the inherent problems with stunt actors having to act like they've been hit by something they can't see and how incredibly low budget it looks for them to be struggling with open air.

If the DEO had access to a creature like a Truth Seeker, why didn't Col. Haley start using it from the beginning instead of waiting until after the attack by the Morae?


As much as I want to hate the fact that Brainiac-5 is reduced to not knowing the word "restaurant" when he's trying to talk to Nia, Jesse Rath does a fantastic job of selling his overblown awkwardness.

Contrived as most of this episode is, I defy you to not feel misty-eyed at the ending as Alex volunteers to be mind-wiped to save Kara. Good show Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh.


The opening scene with the Russian Supergirl training has good effects work.

Super Trivia

This episode opens with a slightly modified version of the original Season Four introduction.  Now, Kara says that she works with her adopted sister to protect the Earth, with no mention of the DEO.

Brainiac-5 makes reference to once having spent 18 days on the planet Venegar being tortured. In the classic Legion of Super Heroes comics, Venegar was the homeworld of the villain known as The Emerald Empress.

When telling Nia that he thinks she should team up with Supergirl to help her fight crime, Brainiac-5 says she could be her Super-friend. This is a nod to the classic DC Comics themed cartoon series which ran from 1973-1986. 

Col. Haley says that Alex has violated Article 90 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. This article concerns Assaulting or Willfully Disobeying A Superior Officer.


One DEO agent makes reference to using RTI (Resistance To Interrogation) training to avoid cracking under questioning from Col. Haley regarding Supergirl's secret identity.

Brainiac-5 claims to have reorganized his neural network to form many small compartments for storing sensitive information. He claims this makes him immune to standard interrogation tactics, as he can shut down access to these compartments at will, literally willing himself to forget. This information can be set on a time so he can recall it later.

The Morae are a race of aliens with a natural cloaking power. They are said to be completely invisible but Kara is able to perceive a slight translucent shimmer. J'onn believes this may be a byproduct of her X-Rays vision and ability to perceive other wavelengths outside the visible spectrum. They are apparently able to control which spectrums they are visible in, as they are able to become invisible to Supergirl once they realize she can see them.

Lena said that she had a Penicillin moment while working on the problem of curing all human disease, using a biolistic delivery system to rewrite DNA. She realized she could use this system to give humans superpowers.

Brainiac-5 says the Morae's natural cloaking ability does not interact with light. In order to help the human DEO agents to perceive them, he intends to flood the HQ hallways with mist along with activate a grid of light amplification by simulated emissions of radiation (i.e. a laser grid.) Once that is triggered, he will attack the Morae with a paintball gun loaded with phosphorescent pellets. This will cause them to glow in spite of their stealth powers, making them easy targets.

Level 4 of a standard DEO stun gun releases enough power to disrupt a Morae's cloaking ability without harming them.

A Vertullarian is an alien creature that is commonly known as a Truth Seeker. Brainiac-5 recognizes them from the future, but says he didn't know there were any on Earth in the DEO's inventory. J'onn says there is no way to deceive one.

Dialogue Triumphs

(To J'onn, regarding his new detective agency.)
Brainiac-5: Some would say launching a PI shingle is a bit old-fashioned. But then again, you are very old.

(Nia is sitting at her desk at CatCo. Her phone rings and she answers it.)
Nia Nul: Nia Nul?
Brainiac-5: Nia Nul.
Nia Nul: Brainy?
Brainiac-5: None other.
Nia Nul: This is a nice surprise. How are you?
Brainiac-5: I am calling to find out about food and your interest in it.
Nia Nul: Uh - I am definitely interested in food.
Brainiac-5: Would you like to eat some?
Nia Nul: Now? Like, on the phone with you?
Brainiac-5: (confused) What? No. In person. And I am thinking at a public place where food is served to other people who also appreciate it.
Nia Nul: (chuckling) You mean a restaurant. (pauses) Brainy, are you asking me out?
Brainiac-5: ... yes.
Nia Nul: The answer is yes.
Brainiac-5: Excellent. See you soon.
(Brainiac-5 hangs up. In her cubicle, Nia looks confused and hits the call button. Back at his desk at the DEO, Brainiac-5's phone rings and he picks it up. )
Brainiac-5: (confused) Hello?
Nia Nul: You hung up before we could male a plan. (amused) Don't you think we should pick a time and place?
Brainiac-5: (deadpan) Yes, of course.

Brainiac-5: Let me get right to the purpose of this meeting.
Nia Nul:  (quirking an eyebrow) A meeting? I thought we were on a date.
Brainiac-5: (stammering ) A-A-date? This isn't a date. If it were a date we'd be doing something fun, like paintball. Or an escape room.
Nia Nul: Well, uh... now I feel like an idiot.
Brainiac-5: I- I'm just confused. I-I-I never thought someone as beautiful as you would be interested in someone like me.
Nia Nul: Ah. Well, I'm not sure that I am interested in you.
Brainac-5: Clearly I've made a mess of things. (beat) Not my intention!

Alex: I would give my life to save this country. You know that. But.. I can not be part of a DEO that has someone like Haley in charge. She has no morality. There's no line in the sand.

(Kara is protesting Alex having her mind wiped of the knowledge that she is Supergirl.)
Alex: There's no other way.
Kara: There is! You could quit! Just leave! Get out of there!
Alex: Kara...
Kara: Haley's not a danger to you when you don't work there!
Alex: I can't quit. You said it before. I have to stay and I have to fight this from within.
(Kara bites her lip and sits down. She is quiet before finally looking up at Alex.)
Kara: Who am I without? The whole reason I became Supergirl was... it was to save you!
Alex: And I'm still going to be the reason. I'm still going to be me. And you're still going to be Kara. I just... I won't know that you're Supergirl.
Kara: I''ll have to lie to you every day.
Alex: It's not a lie. It's... it's keeping a secret.
(Kara scoffs)
Alex: And I'm giving you permission. (pauses) Let me save you this time.
(Kara sobs as Alex hugs her tighter.)


We see the Russian Supergirl training. The military personnel watching her discuss whether or not she can be controlled. It is said that a friend is working on that problem and that they do not intend for her to fight tanks.

Kara and Lena are taking a fitness class together. Lena says it has been too long since they hung out.

Lena says she and James have not really talked since their falling out at Thanksgiving.

Supergirl answers a distress call from a Col. McAllister, who is in command of a Navy SEAL squad. By the time she gets to the ship, most of the SEALs are dead and Col. McAllister's body is dragged overboard. Supergirl also stops a bomb from blowing up the boat.

The creature that killed the Navy SEALs was capable of camouflaging itself, appearing as only a slight shimmer even to Supergirl's enhanced senses.

J'onn is shown to have earned his private investigator license and has set up an office.

Brainiac-5 tries to pay J'onn to watch Supergirl's back.  J'onn refuses to take the money, but promises to tell Kara he's available to be her back-up if she needs help.

Alex says that she's never heard of an alien like the one Supergirl described.

Alex is placed in charge of the investigation into the creature that killed the Navy SEALs.

Five DEO agents besides Alex and Brainiac-5 know Kara Danvers is Supergirl. All five agree to protect Supergirl's secret identity if questioned.

The Coast Guard had no record of the cargo ship that Supergirl saved from being blown up.

The Navy SEAL Supergirl saved was taken out of DEO custody and disappeared.

Brainiac-5 also could not find a record of any Colonel McAllister in the open records of the US Navy or any of the secret Black Ops files the DEO could access.

James refers to the events of 407 and how he almost blew up Shelley Island to save someone's life and how this made him realize why Lena made the choice she did to save him from being arrested in 401.

James and Lena reconcile after James apologizes for rushing to condemn Lena, saying he's realized that sometimes the ends can justify the means.

J'onn has not encountered an alien like the one Kara described but he has kept copies of all his records from his time as Director of the DEO.

Alex had a lot of parking tickets before she joined the DEO that showed up on her pre-employment background check.

Kara finds a transfer form for aliens of unknown origin called The Morae. They have a natural cloaking power that makes them invisible to most forms of light. The requisition was made by a General Alfonso Tan.

Kara remembers the name General Alfonso Tan from a different report, where he was named as the Chief Commanding Officer of something called Project Morae. Control of the project was handed over to Col. Randall McAllister in 2012. Col. Haley was also a part of the project.

General Tan reveals that the US Government found four Morae as children and raised them as assassins. They had a 100% success rate.

After Supergirl was dismissed from the DEO, President Baker issued an order that all ties with alien personnel were to be cut immediately. Col. McAllister was given the order to kill the Morae agents with an ambush, but they saw it coming and killed the SEAL team meant to terminate them.

General Tan is killed by the Morae.

Alex shoots one of the Morae that came after Tan to death.

The second Morae kills itself rather than go back to the DEO.

Col. Haley denied having anything to do with Project Morae for years or knowing who Col. McAllister is until Alex confronts her over the fact that General Tan is dead and the Morae killed him.

According to Col. Haley, the standard protocol for government treatment of  tender-age aliens is to use trauma as a method of discipline and obedience. The logic was that if the aliens feared their human handlers, they would obey them. In the case of the Morae, it worked up until General Tan gave the order to kill them.

Nia thought Brainiac-5 was asking her out. He was actually wanting to talk to her about partnering with Supergirl as a crime-fighter.

Brainiac-5's idea of a fun date involves paintball or an escape room.

Brainiac-5 says that he once walked a dark path and was arrested. He was then given the option of using his intelligence to serve society as a superhero. He claims to now relish the responsibility and burdens of being a superhero and doesn't regret his decision.

Brainiac-5 gives Nia a binder full of costume ideas and potential code names.

James was part of the Kappa-Pi-Tau fratority in college and won a bake-off contest they held.

Lena tells James that she is close to being able to give people superpowers.

She asks James to be the angel on her shoulder as she figures out what to do with this. He agrees.

The use of lethal force is against official DEO policy. Col. Haley overrides Alex's orders on this in regards to fighting the Morae, authorizing the use of real guns rather than stun guns.

One of the DEO agents breaks and tells Col. Haley that Kara is Supergirl.

One of the Morae is killed. Supergirl is able to force the last one into a cell at the DEO.

Alex knocks-out Col. Haley as she begins talking about how she is going to recommend to President Baker that Supergirl be forcibly conscripted into working for the DEO immediately and that her life as Kara Danvers is over.

J'onn uses his telepathy to wipe Col. Haley's mind of all knowledge of who Supergirl is, despite his seeing it as a form of the violence he forswore

Col. Haley intends to employ an alien known as a Truth Seeker while questioning the DEO agents as to who Supergirl is.

Everyone who knows Kara is Supergirl who works at the DEO agrees to have their minds wiped - including Alex.

Kara refers to the events of 409 and how she the Alex Danvers of Earth-1 had no idea who she was.

Nia Nul has a relative named Maeve.

Untelevised Adventures

Brainiac-5 was once interrogated for 18 straight days on the planet Venegar by a ten-eyed being known as Ik'Lorfrai'iork - The Emerald Blood-Eater. He says Col. Haley is a far more ruthless inquisitor.

The Bottom Line

A weak episode full of contrivances up until the last five minutes. It's almost comical how evil the DEO and the federal government have become at this point and it speaks volumes that the comically stupid scenes of Brainiac-5 being socially awkward - which were more sad than funny in the first half of Season 4 - prove a welcome relief from more scenes of various military people insisting that alien lives don't matter and there's nothing wrong with turning alien children into soldiers. That being said, it's all worth it for the final scene of Kara and Alex together and the knowledge that we're getting J'onn J'onzz as an honest to goodness detective.

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Starman Plays Betrayal at Krondor - Part 78

In which we encounter the rarest monster in the game and kill it easily, before going on to explore more of the ruins of Sethanon, kill two more of The Six and acquire a spell that will let you instant-kill nearly anything.... which would be really impressive if Gorath couldn't already do that to most enemies with one sword strike.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Starman Plays Betrayal at Krondor - Part 77

In which we enter into the caves below Sethanon and start fighting our way through the forces Makala has arrayed against us, including the mysterious wizards known as The Six.

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The Flash Episode Guide: Season 5, Episode 10 - The Flash And The Furious

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As Nora quietly copes with the revelation that Eobard Thawne killed her grandmother, Team Flash must focus on a new threat - a new meta-tech villain called Silver Ghost, whose powers let her control motorized technology, who intends to build a new Rogues gang starting with Weather Witch.  At the same time, Cisco and Caitlin start to discuss the possibility of creating a medical treatment to neutralize the metagene.


The Return of Barry Allen (Eobard Thawne's backstory as a Flash fanboy driven crazy by the knowledge he would become his hero's worst enemy ), the JSA comics of Geoff Johns (Thawne/Nora relationship resembles Rex and Rick Tyler), The Fast And The Furious films (title is a pun on the name, plot involves fast cars) and every X-Men comic to deal with the concept of a "cure" for mutation.


Given the dangers posed by meta-tech, it seems highly likely that the usual rules regarding evidence might be suspended so as not to allow a criminal access to a piece of technology that might be used to escape.

Apart from being a control freak who doesn't cope well with surprises, why does Cecile lose her cool over Barry having to leave to deal with "police business" and Nora testifying instead of him?  Surely this isn't the first time a police officer scheduled to testify in court got called away because of an emergency or be delayed by a traffic accident? Is a one-day trial delay really going to kill her case?

The whole subplot with Caitlin and Cisco arguing the ethics of a metahuman cure is idiotic and horribly out of character for both of them. Granting that Caitlin has turned around on her "other self", she seems to have completely forgotten how scared she was of her powers and how desperate she was to get rid of them. Cisco, in turn, seems to have completely forgotten how much he likes helping people with his abilities and being a superhero. They should both be smart enough to realize they could make a general cure for metapowers and find a way to make it available while insuring it isn't mandatory to use... which eventually is what happens!

What was the point of Silver Ghost saluting the guards?

If Silver Ghost disabled everything connected to the Iron Heights prison transport, why did the on-board security cameras still work and get video footage of her when the door locks failed?

Weather Witch turning herself into the cops directly would have been way easier than hacking a weather system to try and get Team Flash's attention. Not to mention a lot less illegal, even if she did think that getting a hero to vouch for her would help sell her story that she was kidnapped.

Why didn't the security cameras in the truck catch Weather Witch's confusion at being busted out? Surely there should be cameras watching the inside of the truck as well?

So the CCPD doesn't leave any personnel in the evidence lock-up or the cell-block where prisoners are kept when all the vehicle sirens go off at once?

What kind of stealth vehicle has glowing blue rims?

Silver Ghost is kind of an idiot if the first thing she does after stealing an experimental stealth vehicle is drive around really fast and make it blindingly obvious where she is.

Come to that, why does Silver Ghost need to recruit Weather Witch anyway? Couldn't she just steal the Weather Staff and use it herself?

How the heck does the Weather Staff let someone teleport?

Flash Facts

Thawne's monologue about wanting to go back and become The Flash matches up pretty well with Thawne's origins as depicted in The Return of Barry Allen. It was revealed here that he was a Flash fanboy from the future who copied his hero's accident so he could go back in time and meet him. Unfortunately, this led to his discovering a piece of knowledge lost to the historians of his time - that The Reverse-Flash was a man from the future named Eobard Thawne. The knowledge that he was predestined to become his hero's worst enemy drove Thawne mad and made him determined to kill The Flash so that his life would not be wasted.

There is a previously established DC Comics villain called The Silver Ghost, but they have no connection to the Arrowverse villain.

The first Silver Ghost was an enemy of The Freedom Fighters of Earth-X, who fought the team during the time they briefly traveled between worlds and came to Earth-1.  Born Raphael Van Zandt, he was a crime boss who had the power to turn anything he touched into silver. Pre-Crisis, he used this power to turn half of the Freedom Fighters into statues and threatened to melt them down if the rest of the team didn't obey his orders. Thankfully, they were eventually restored to life after Silver Ghost was defeated.

Post-Crisis, Raphael Van Zandt was a prominent Nazi leader on Earth-X, who was brought down by the hero Firebrand. He would later travel from Earth-X to Earth-1 in search of Firebrand and gained his powers during the trip between dimensions. He hired the Secret Society of Super-Villains to help him fight the Freedom Fighters and Firebrand.  The two would eventually be turned into silver statues together as the two enemies struggled while the Silver Ghost tried to use his powers only to have his ability reflected back upon him.

The Arrowverse version of Silver Ghost is a former USAF pilot, mechanic and expert on vehicle operations named Raya Van Zandt. She was dishonorably discharged. Her call sign was Silver Ghost.

At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Eobard Thawne is living on borrowed time and has roughly 51 minutes before he is presumably scheduled to be executed. The entire set-up is reminiscent of the JSA comics of Geoff Johns and the relationship between Rex and Rick Tyler - two of the heroes who were known as Hourman. Rex, the father, was pulled from time before he was fated to die and placed in a pocket dimension. For one hour, he and his son would be given a chance to say goodbye to each other as Rick approached his father a few minutes at a time when he needed advice.


The Lamborghini Barry touched was saturated with unstable dark matter. Because he was phasing at the time, it caused his molecules to destabilize.

The winds hitting the airport created by Weather Witch ranged from 150-250 MPH.

Lightning is five times hotter than the surface of the sun. (Roughly 30,000 kelvins vs. 6,000 kelvins)

Cisco ran a bio-chemical analysis on the shards from his hands and discovered that they were draining the dark matter from his system. This proves that the shards weren't dampening his powers - they were removing them. This means that Cicada's dagger has anti-dark-matter properties, which means they could potentially use this to synthesize a serum to negate metahuman powers.

The meta-tech keychain fob broadcasts a dark matter pulse that can take over anything with a guidance system or an engine.

The police call in 595 reports when their sirens start sounding in their own at CCPD HQ.  A 595 is the scanner code for a runaway car.

The Stealth Auto-Mobile, or SAM, took ten years and $24 million to develop. Rumor has it everything under its hood was developed by WayneTech. It is said to be completely untrackable by conventional radar. It is also capable of short-term phasing, can become invisible and has front-mounted rockets that can be remotely detonated.

Dialogue Triumphs

Thawne: For as long as I can remember, all I ever thought about was myself. But that will not be my legacy! That will not be the legacy of Eobard Thawne! (hissing) Let me help you.
Nora: I don't want your help. Not anymore.

Cisco: (Sighing with relief) Hey. You feel that?
Sherloque: Feel what?
Cisco: That's the feeling of free time!c KA unbillable hours, so we'd better not be seeing any invoices from you in the near future.
Sherloque: Oh, that's all right.
(Cisco leaves the room.)
Sherloque: (quietly) This is one mystery I will solve for free.
(Sherloque returns to his computer, where he is looking at the mysterious time language.)

(Nora asks if Barry believes even someone like Thawne could become good.)
Barry: I think part of being a hero is being able to see the good in people. So yeah. Maybe someday, in the future, even Thawne could change. Besides, if we don't believe in people, who will?

Dialogue Disasters

The Flash: I can't stop vibrating!


Thawne is revealed to be the one who taught Nora how to use her powers to time-travel.

Thawne claims that he helped Nora because they shared a desire to go back in time and get to know The Flash.

Thawne claims he never told Nora that he killed her grandmother because he had just assumed Iris West would have told her that.

Ralph is said to be visiting his mother.

Nora refers to the events of Elseworlds, saying she picked up Barry's blue suit figuring he'd be sick of the color green.

Joe West is said to be visiting Wally West, along with his and Cecile's new baby, Jenna.

Cecile is returning to work for the first time since her pregnancy. Her first case is the trial of Weather Witch, at which Barry is scheduled to testify.

Weather Witch was last seen in 507.

Weather Witch's case number is 99512.

Weather Witch's crimes occurred between November 20 and 27th 2018. Episode 507 aired on November 27, 2018. The charges include property damage at Iron Heights, grounding 21 flights and attempted murder.

Cecile gets an odd feeling during the trial.

Caitlin removes the meta-metal shards from Cisco's hands so they can start healing properly.

Caitlin can now use Killer Frost's powers to suture a wound.

Barry is temporarily left unable to stop vibrating after his encounter with Silver Ghost.

The Pipeline cells are located directly under the entrance to the STAR Labs comms room.

Nora is called to testify instead of Barry.

Cecile decides to pursue a lighter sentence for Weather Witch since she can telepathically feel her remorse.

Cecile starts making a case that nobody was hurt during Weather Witch's rampage and argues against her own evidence that lighting struck the tarmac by saying that it could have struck people.

Weather Witch's lawyer tries to argue that dark matter infusions can corrupt a person.  Nora says that isn't how it works.

Weather Witch changes her plea to guilty, saying she deserves to be punished for what she did.

Cisco argues they should make a metahuman cure to save the world from people like Fallout, from 410

Caitlin, in turn, argues that not everyone wants a normal life and metahuman powers can do a lot of good.

Silver Ghost breaks Weather Witch

Nora insists that Weather Witch had to have been "in" on her escape because bad people don't change.

Silver Ghost is planning to form a new group she calls The Young Rogues, that will be young women. She has a few recruits in mind, but wants to keep it to just her and Weather Witch to start.

Silver Ghost has a file on Spyn, from 504.

Silver Ghost wants to raid an ARGUS facility and steal the technology inside of it. She figures the security system can be disable with a precise lightning strike.

Sherloque gives Barry a copy of Uncaged Desire to read, which he says was dropped off by The Legends. This is the book it was revealed that Mick Rory had published under his nom de plume Rebecca Silver in L408. Barry says later that it was surprisingly well-written.

Iris is able to get a copy of Silver Ghost's sealed military record from a contact of her father's named Major Morgan. It shows that she had an exemplary record before going overseas for a failed mission, coming back, working a desk job for two months then suddenly being dishonorably discharged. Iris believes she became the scapegoat for the failed mission.

Cisco believes that, unlike Barry, he can't balance being a hero and having a wife and kids.

Barry affirms that he believes anyone can change for the better, specifically pointing to Captain Cold.

The tech Silver Ghost wanted to steal from ARGUS is a stealth automobile developed by WayneTech.

Weather Witch ices up the road to stop the SAM. She then manages to teleport herself and Silver Ghost away with a lightning bolt.

Wally is apparently still in Tibet.

Cecile tried using the extrapolater to go visit Joe and Wally in Tibet and wound up in Fiji.

The Breakfast Club is one of the few movies both Caitlin and Killer Frost like.  Killer Frost is said to have a crush on Bender.

Caitlin takes Cisco to her father's lab, thinking Cisco can use his research to create a metagene to cure one. She agrees to help Cisco find the cure he wants so long as he agrees not to force the cure on anyone Cisco agrees to that.

It is revealed that Thawne is facing a countdown until he dies in 2049. at the end of the episode, he has 51 minutes and 56 seconds left.

Nora says she doesn't trust Thawne but is willing to give him a chance to change her mind about his desire to change for the good.

Sherloque approaches Gideon in the Time Vault and asks for all of her files on Nora. Gideon says that all of those files were erased by Nora.


Iron Heights Prison - 2049

Untelevised Adventures

Joe is said to be visiting Wally in Tibet.

The Fridge Factor

Cecile doesn't even try to hide the fact that she's sabotaging her own case trying to get Weather Witch leniency.

The Boomerang Factor

Barry is sidelined for the entire episode by some mysterious property of Silver Ghost's powers that causes him to become insubstantial when he tries to touch a car she is controlling while phased.

The Bottom Line

Quite possibly the dumbest episode of The Flash ever and certainly the worst of Season Five and not just because Barry is barely in the episode. Everyone is written out of character to make the plot work. Nora in particularly is twisted around to such a degree that she actually manages to eclipse Iris as the most annoying and pig-headed character on the show. And that's an accomplishment in an episode where Cecile starts intentionally trying to blow a case, Killer Frost wrecks STAR Labs equipment with Caitlin's apparent approval, Cisco forgets all about "great power = great responsibility", and the generally psychotic Weather Witch from three episodes ago is suddenly a reluctant villain. Worst of all? We're going to see more of The Young Rogues after this, gods give us strength.

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Starman Plays Betrayal at Krondor - Part 76

In which, having armed ourselves with the treasures of the ancients, we rescue Pug's daughter, Gamina, end Chapter 8 and start Chapter 9 with another massive information dump for the benefit of everyone who hasn't read the original Riftwar Trilogy.