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The Flash Episode Guide: Season 7, Episode 15 - Enemy at the Gates

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When an army of Godspeeds attack Central City, Barry must put his plans to start a family with Iris on hold. Meanwhile, Chillblaine is out of prison and claiming to have turned over a new leaf, but Frost is skeptical. Meanwhile, Caitlin must perform a revolutionary surgery procedure to save Ultraviolet.


Numerous "base under siege" episode of Doctor Who.


Not a goof as such, but it's a little odd that Iris West-Allen is entirely absent from this episode given that one of the major subplots centers around her pregnancy results.

While played for laughs, Chester does have a legitimate point in wondering why Barry suddenly has a car in this episode, when Barry was always shown using public transportation in flashbacks before he got his speed powers and the Pilot specifically noted that Barry didn't own a car. (The simplest explanation is he's borrowing Iris' car.)

Unless STAR Labs has some kind of magnificent sterilization technology, there is no way Caitlin would have allowed Allegra or Cecile to stand that close to Ultraviolet while she was performing surgery unles they were also in surgical scrubs.

Why would Barry need to call Iris with her pregnancy test results? Shouldn't that be the sort of thing you reveal to your wife in person?

Joe's entire subplot feels tacked-on.


While it's somewhat ridiculous he needs to do, Grant Gustin does a convincing job of making it seem like Candice Patton is on the other end of the phone every time he calls Iris throughout the episode.


The special effects for the Godspeed fight at the end are impressive.

Flash Facts

Chester asks Barry if he has a Flash Mobile when he sees Barry holding car keys. Various toys have depicted The Flash having a Flash Mobile, despite it making little sense for him to have a car. Perhaps the most famous example of this was the Justice League animated series episode "Eclipsed" where the Wally West Flash bought a red van with yellow lighting decals with the suggestion he was going to use it to pick up women.

Cecile makes reference to a Kord case. This is likely a nod to Ted Kord or Kord Omniversal, aka The Blue Beetle.

Joe makes a passing mention of Midway City. In the comics, Midway City was the home of the Silver Age Hawkman and Hawkgirl as well as the original Doom Patrol. Midway City has been mentioned in passing in earlier episodes of The Flash, but is most notable as being where Patty Spivot moved after she quit her job with the CCPD and broke off her romance with Barry Allen.

Frost mentions several Central City districts from the comics while listing the hospitals she could take Chillblaine to, including Danville, Fairview and Leawood.


According to Barry, meta-DNA signatures can misrepresent HCG levels on a standard pregnancy test. This means that he has to conduct Iris' pregnancy test personally to protect his secret identity. 

According to Caitlin, Black Hole introduced a delbiberate irregularity into Ultraviolet's vascular system which created a 40% decrease in her body's ability to maintain her oxygen intake. She was also given implantation circuitry which was grafted to her vocal cords, which receives regular software updates like a smart phone. With Black Hole having been shut down, sooner or later the circuitry will stop working and kill her.

Chester tries to develop a cryptographic algorithm to decode the Godspeeed language. 

If blown up, Central City's power planet blast radius would be over 40 square miles.

Chester estimates it will take six Godspeed clones roughly an hour to punch through STAR Labs' force field.

Chester determines that the Godspeeds are creating a set of variables to predicat a fixed outcome. This makes unpredictable behavior the best defense against them.

Chillblaine named his gauntlets Derek and Nancy.

Chester comes up with a plan he thinks can shut down the Godspeeds, which involves recording their speech and playing it back through the CCPD emergency alert system, making it impossible for them to communicate. He also thinks he can boost the signal to scramble their brains.

Removing the chip from Ultraviolet's body triggers a systemic neural trauma. Cecile is able to neutralize it by projecting her own sense of calm and peace onto Ultraviolet.

The Time Vault Panic Room has tachyon nullifiers that can prevent a speedster from phasing into it.

Chillblaine says he has explosive chemistry with Frost, comparing them to sucrose and potassium chlorate with heat.

Dialogue Triumphs

(Frost is trying to take care of a wounded Chillblaine.)
Come on, I'm taking you to Danville General.
Chillblaine: No. No, no, no. They're probably still pretty upset about the CAT scan machine that I sabotaged a few years back.
Frost: Okay, fine. Leawood Med, then.
Chillblaine:  Kinda blew up their bio-chem lab.
Frost: Okay, um... fine, there is a shady vet down on Fairview. He won't ask-
Chillblaine: (laughs) Hey. Dr. Haley? Yeah, I love that guy. He's wanted to kill me ever since Tijuana, though.... That's actually a really funny story for some other time.

Dialogue Disasters

(Barry is waiting on the pregnancy test to finish processing.)
Barry: I just... wish Iris was feeling better and could be here.
Cecile: I know, I know. But you're gonna call her as soon as we're done.


Barry falls asleep in his lab at the CCPD and has a dream of Nora West-Allen, telling him that things are going to work out. The realism of the dream leads Barry to believe that he's impregnated Iris.

Iris calls into work sick the next morning, having apparently been nauseous for several days.

Barry tells Iris that he's going to drive to STAR Labs to conduct a pregnancy test in the lab there.

Barry has to drive to STAR Labs, as moving at superspeed could destroy the blood and urine samples he took from Iris.

Cecile has been working with Iris on a case involving someone named Kord.

Cecile senses that Barry is nervous yet excited about something.

Barry and Cecile have a monthly Tuesday lunch date, which is that Tuesday.

Barry lies about the bag he is carrying that has Iris's blood and urine samples and says it is full of protein bars, which he needs for when he is using his super speed.

Frost has set up an art studio in STAR Labs.

Chester shows Frost a newspaper article about Chillblaine turning State's Evidence and being paroled, confirming his claims in the closing scene of 714.

Chester compares Chillblaine's reformation to that of Captain Cold.

Frost decides to follow Chillblaine, convinced he's up to something.

Joe was reportedly able to dig up more on Adam Creyke in a week than she could in years.

The last time Warrant Officer Adam Cryeke was seen was on a security camera stealing five M18 Claymore Mines from the barracks armory at Fort Dakota. These were the weapons he used to kill Kristin Kramer's unit.

Kramer is unsure how she survived the explosion when everyone else died.

Kramer is also unaware of just what metahuman ability Adam Creyke has that allowed him to survive such an explosion, but she's certain he knew it wouldn't hurt him.

Kramer and Creyke were both Wet'suwet'en First Nations - a band predominantly located in what is today called British Columbia.

Kramer says that Creyke joined the Army to stay with her, despite a love of open waters and a desire to join the Navy.

Creyke's callsign while in the Army was Rasputin.

Joe had an uncle who owned a schooner and took him fishing every summer. He taught Joe a bit about sailing and that sailors take the naming of their vessels seriously.

Joe finds a schooner named Rasputin that was registered in Midway City six weeks after Operation Griffin.

Joe says he will help Kramer bring down Creyke, but it has to be about justice - not revenge.

A new Godspeed who speaks in the electronic modem speak of earlier Godspeed duplicates appears in Central City. The last time Godspeed was seen was in 618.

Barry runs into Chester on his way to the lab. When Chester asks why he had to drive, Barry lies and says he was bringing his blood and urine samples in for his annual physical with Caitlin, who is his General Practitioner. . 

Barry is reminded that Caitlin is performing surgery on Ultraviolet in the medical lab.

Barry decides to go perform the pregnancy test at his lab at CCPD instead.

Ultraviolet is reluctant to have Caitlin perform surgery on her, but Allegra persuades her to give her a chance.

Frost follows Chillblaine to O'Shaughnessy's Pub, where the two first met in 707. She saves him from some former associates who don't take kindly to "rats."

Chillblaine asks Frost out to dinner once again. 

Since Chillblaine apparently robbed or irritated every hospital and shady doctor in Central City and Keystone, Frost agrees to take Chillblaine to STAR Labs to have Caitlin tend to his injuries.

Cecile shows up at Barry's lab for their lunch meeting and discovers him in the middle of the pregancny test. She immediately figures out what he is doing when he says he is waiting for a liquid to turn blue.

Barry and Cecile are distracted by the reports about the new Godspeed.

Chester tracks two simultaneous Godspeed sightings - one causing a muli-car collission near City Hall and the other near a gas station three miles away.

Barry determines there must be multiple Godspeeds as even he isn't fast enough to be in two places at once.

When it is suggested that Iris rally Team Citizen to investigate the sites where Godspeed was sighted, Barry dismisses the idea, saying it isn't safe for anyone who isn't a speedster go out. This is after Frost already agreed to cover the second site.

Chillblaine tries to ask Caitlin for more details about Frost likes. She simply tells Chillblaine that he can't handle her sister.

Chillblaine offers to help in dealing with the Godspeed problems. Frost locks him up in STAR Labs' lounge instead.

Barry confronts a Godspeed who attacks Central City's Power Plant.

Chester's algorithm translates the Godspeed's response to Barry's words as "I have him." This leads to a chase with multiple Godspeeds chasing Barry, as he reaces to STAR Labs to get under the Babel Protocol Force Field.

The Babel Protocols were last mentioned in 702.

Chester overhears Barry's message to Iris and learns that they're trying to have a baby.

Chester was unware of the existence of Nora West-Allen and her time spent in the past with Team Flash during Season 5.

Before leaving, STAR Labs, Cisco turned the Time Vault into a panic room.

Frost gives Chillblaine his cold gauntlets and lets him loose to help fight the Godspeeds.

The Godspeeds are eventually able to work through STAR Labs' force-field by draining the energy from it rather than trying to beat it down or phase through it.

Gideon suggests that Chester's plan might work if it plays his sound file through STAR Labs' internal intercom once the Godspeeds enter the building. The plan works. 

Barry leads the six Godspeeds away from STAR Labs, only for them to be met by another six Godspeeds, who fight them before they all disappear.

Ultraviolet is said to be recovering after her surgery.

Barry says the Godspeeds barely stole any of his power.

Chillblaine ditches Frost and escapes STAR Labs after the fight.

The pregnancy test comes up negative.

Joe and Kramer watch the docks where Creyke's boat is docked.

Creyke was in Special Forces when he was in the army and had a knack for killing.

The episode ends with the car Joe and Kramer was in blowing up, after Joe sees something in the woods behind them and an energy bolt hits the car.


O’Shaughnessy on the south side of Keystone City.
An unknown dock near Midway City.

The Bottom Line

One of the better episodes of the season, but that's damning with faint praise. The best thing about it is how well it utilizes the regular cast, apart from Joe's story seeming like an afterthought and the fact that an episode centering around Iris' pregnancy doesn't have Iris on-camera once! Still, the action-sequences and effects work are great, but the Godspeed mystery has been drawn out for far too long.

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