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Legends of Tomorrow: Season 5, Episode 1 - Crisis On Infinite Earths, Part 5

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Worlds will live. Worlds will die. And nothing in the Arrowverse will ever be the same again!


Crisis on Infinite Earths


Sara says that Oliver Queen was the last person who remembered her as she was before Lian Yu and her becoming an assassin. Her mother, Dinah Drake Lance, was still alive in Central City by all reports, although the last time she was seen on the show was in Arrow season 4 at Laurel Lance's funeral.

How did Black Lightning get to Central City? At the present time, his city is sealed off from the outside a force-field.  (Maybe J'onn phased through, found him, and they flew out... but this raises questions as to why J'onn doesn't come back to help save Freeland later...)

Superman seems astonished when he calls Lois and is informed that they have multiple sons now. Logically, since Clark was not one of the Paragons, his memories of Earth-Prime should be intact.


David Ramsey has a great emotional moment as John Diggle briefly breaks down in response to his inability to be there to save Oliver Queen twice.

Caity Lotz turns in what may be her best performance yet as Sara Lance as she talks about her past and everything changing after Oliver's death with Barry Allen while looking at the tree she and her sister used to race each other climbing as children. It's a great moment for Grant Gustin as well.


The battle with the Anti-Monitor features some great effects work.

Trivia Of Tomorrow

The opening scene with Kara slowly figuring out that the world is changed is loosely based on the opening scenes of Crisis on Infinite Earths #11.  There, the Superman of Earth-2  found himself having a confusing time at The Daily Planet until he realized he was on Earth-1 and then he and the Earth-1 Superman flew around looking for answers and discovered that Keystone City (an Earth-2 city) now rested next to Central City (an Earth-1) city and that both the Jay Garrick Flash and Wally West Kid Flash were thought to be natives of the same Earth.

Marv, the fan who asks Supergirl and The Flash for an autograph, is Marv Wolfman, writer of the original Crisis on Infinite Earths comics, in a cameo appearance.

The giant Beebo which terrorizes Star City is revealed to be the work of Sargon the Sorcerer. First appearing in All American Comics #26 in 1941, John Sargent was a wizard who used his magic to fight crime while pretending to be an ordinary stage magician. In later stories, he was depicted as a villain, but this was later explained away as being a side-effect of the Ruby of Life bringing out the darker impulses of its owner. He continued to split the difference between good and evil, becoming an honorary member of the Justice League and later trying to an army of damned souls against heaven.

Strangely enough, Sargon the Sorcerer died during Crisis on Infinite Earths, during a tie-in storyline in Swamp Thing. Sargon was one of several wizards summoned by John Constantine to aid in an effort to stop the Rising Darkness from escaping Hell. Sargon joined John Zatara in sacrificing himself to save reality.

The Arrowverse version of Sargon The Sorcerer seems to be a full-fledged criminal who uses his magic to rob banks. He does not sport the turban of his comic book counterpart or seem to possess the Ruby of Life.

When trying to think of a way to defeat the Anti-Monitor, Mick Rory suggests just throwing him into the sun. Amusingly, this is basically how the Anti-Monitor was finally defeated in Crisis on Infinite Earths #12, though he was first beaten up by the most powerful heroes of the newly reborn Earth, blasted by the Omega Effect of Darkseid and punched into the heart of a star by the Superman of Earth-2.

When discussing the name applied to the microscoping realm in the heart of the universe, Ray Palmer says he likes Ryan Choi's name, "The Microverse" better than his own name (i.e. The Atomverse) but says there may be a trademark issue. This is either a nod to the famous on-line college called The Microverse or the reality of the Micronauts toyline, which is known as the Microverse and has prompted some legal challenges from Marvel Comics, who adopted the Microverse name for their small alternate realities while publishing a Micronauts comics in the late 1970s and early 80s.

The final battle with the Anti-Monitor occurs at Gardner Pier and Perez Landing in Star City. Gardner Pier is named in honor of legendary comic creator Gardner Fox who co-created the Jay Garrick and Barry Allen versions of The Flash (among other characters) as well as the Justice Society of America, the Justice League of America and the concept of the DC Comics multiverse, which he introduced in the 1961 story "The Flash of Two Worlds." Perez Landing is named in honor of the equally legendary George Perez, who was the artist on Crisis on Infinite Earths.

When constructing Ray Palmer's shrinking bomb, Nash Wells suggests that they use Depleted Promethium for the core. In the DC Comics universe, Depleted Promethium is an alloy that can be used to create near indestructible compounds. The substance first appeared in New Teen Titans and was created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez. It was said that the first wave of implants which transformed Victor Stone into Cyborg were made of Depleted Promethium.

The President of the United States refers to Oliver Queen as "the first of our heroes." In the post-Crisis DC Comics universe, Oliver Queen was the first superhero in what was known as the New Age of Heroes, following World War II.

Oliver's monologue describing the new Arrowverse near the end of the episode is partly based on the opening dialogue of Crisis on Infinite Earths #11.

In the original DC Comics universe, a single universe was formed after Crisis on Infinite Earths. The Arrowverse Crisis seems to have given birth to a new mutliverse, made up of all the DC Comics live-action shows currently in production.  These include Earth 2 (Stargirl), Earth-9 (Titans), Earth-12 (HBO Max Green Lantern or the 2011 Green Lantern Movie), Earth-19 (Swamp Thing), Earth-21 (Doom Patrol) and Earth-96 (Kingdom Come/Superman Movies)

The montage of the new Arrowverse worlds shows Brandon Routh's Superman flying around the Earth and smiling to the camera. This is how every Superman movie until Man of Steel ended.

While the name is not mentioned, it seems clear that the group which Barry Allen establishes at the end of the episode is meant to be the Justice League.

As the seven assembled heroes sit at the round table Barry Allen prepared, they hear monkey noises from the rafters above them. We then see a cage labeled with the name Gleek, from which the monkey apparently escaped. In the Super Friends cartoons, the Justice League had a mascot named Gleek, who was a blue space monkey and the pet of the Wonder Twins.

The final shot of the episode reveals that the STAR Labs Hanger looks like the Hall of Justice from the Super Friends cartoons. The theme song from Super Friends also plays as the episode ends.


Ray determines that the giant Beebo is not made of any element on the periodic table.

Anti-matter, like matter, cannot be created or destroyed. It can only change forms or move from place to place.

Throwing a being the size of the Anti-Monitor into the sun would start a chain-reaction that would blow up the solar system.

Ray Palmer suggests that the Anti-Monitor could be made physically unstable by compressing his molecules so he's essentially shrinking for eternity would be an effective way of stopping him.

The Atomverse (or Microverse) is a sub-atomic realm from which nothing can escape.

The shrinking bomb requires a reinforced core to contain the reaction. Titanium is too heavy, leading to the core being made of depleted promethium.

Dialogue Triumphs

Lex Luthor: We live in dangerous times. Earth is a dangerous place. I suppose that's why people love superheroes so much. The power, the chutzpah of someone who can fly faster than a speeding bullet. But that's what makes this so special. I don't have any powers. I can't leap tall buildings in a single bound, but I have dedicated my life to fighting on the side of humanity, and to be recognized for that is more than I can put into words. So I will just say I stand with mankind.

(Sara, Kara, Barry, Rene, Dinah and Digg watch as a giant Beebo stumbles down the streets of Star City.)
Sara: How the hell did Beebo get here?
Rene: Isn't the more pressing question why is there a giant Beebo walking down the street?
Sara: Well, this wouldn't be the first time.
(Rene looks at Sara in disbelief.)
Sara: It's a long story.
Barry: (gasping) That's right! Wally told us about the time you guys used those totems to turn yourselves into a giant Beebo to fight a time demon.
(Sara blinks in surprise.)
I guess it's not a long story.

(Supergirl, The Flash and The Atom fight the giant Beebo, as the rest of the heroes watch from the Team Arrow bunker.)
Giant Bebeo: Beebo want cuddles!
Dinah: Is this actually happening?
Rene: Is this what all the crossovers are like?
Sara: Yes and not exactly.
Diggle: (deadpan) I'm never letting my child watch that show again.

(Rene is passing among the other heroes with a bottle of champagne.)
Rene: So how normal was that for everyone? And don't say very.
Ray: Oh, well, with this new Earth, just may be.
Diggle: Well, dear God, I hope not.
(Mick regards the bottle Rene is holding suspiciously.)
Mick: What is that?
Rene: Alcohol.
(Mick grunts with approval and holds out his glass.)

(Sara is sitting on a set of concrete steps in a park, looking at a tree. Barry walks up and takes a seat next to her.)
Barry: Hey.
Sara: How'd you find me?
Barry: You feel that gust of wind a few seconds ago? That was me. I did a quick search of the whole city for you.
(The two chuckle.) 
Barry: When you didn't come back for the post-Beebo celebration, I got a little worried.
Sara: Yeah. (nodding to the tree) See that tree over there? My sister and I, we used to race to the top when we were little. I'd win every time. I used to think it was because I was a better climber, but now I think Laurel let me win 'cause she knew I was a sore loser. A lot has changed since then. I was an assassin. (She laughs softly) I was dead. Now I'm the captain of a friggin' time ship! One thing remains the same. I'm still a sore loser.
Barry: I know it's it's hard not having Oliver here with us. But look at what his sacrifice made possible. Our world is it's different...but at least it's safe.
Sara: Yeah. He was just the last tether to my old life, you know? He was the only person left who knew me when I was just... me. With him gone... my connection to this world, this place, to that tree? It's gone.
Barry: I know what it's like to lose family. My mom My dad. Each death felt like there was no moving forward, like... life would never be the same. And I was right it's not the same. But somehow it's okay. Family isn't just the people that you grew up with. It's the people you find. The ones you love, ones that make you crazy. Make you smile.
Sara: (laughing softly) When did you get so wise?
(Barry laughs as well.)
Sara: The Legends... they are my family. They have been for a while. I guess I just... I always thought there would be at least someone who remembered what I was like before I got on that boat.

Anti-Monitor: I am destiny incarnate, inexorable and inescapable. You are nothing. Insects fated to be crushed beneath my heel without a moment's thought. Fighting is useless. Surrender.
(White Canary steps forward from the line of heroes.)
White Canary: Not today. Not ever. Oliver died so that we could continue to fight. He sacrificed everything for this new world, and we will not fail him! We will not fail this world. For Oliver!
Supergirl: (quietly) For Oliver.
The Flash: (firmly) For Oliver.
Diggle: (shouting) For Oliver!
All The Heroes: For Oliver!

(Martian Manhunter, Supergirl, Superman, White Canary, The Flash, Batwoman and Black Lightning stand before the Green Arrow memorial. Supergirl walks forward.)
Supergirl: Thanks for saving us, Oliver. The world has hope again. I have hope again. We'll never forget you.
(Supergirl walks back into the line as The Flash steps forward.)
The Flash: Thanks for believing in me even when I didn't. You had this way of bringing out the very best in all of us. I'm gonna miss you, man.
(The Flash goes back to his place as White Canary steps forward.)
White Canary: I've lost a lot of people that I love. But I never imagined my life without you in it. You were always there for me. And now...Ollie, you changed my fate for the better. Thank you.
 (White Canary steps back into line. Supergirl steps forward and looks at the arrowhead-shaped planter in front of the display case holding Green Arrow's costume and bow. Her eyes flash blue and the eternal flame is lit.)
Black Lightning: I never met Oliver, but he must have been a good dude.
(The Flash nods solemnly. Black Lightning looks around, clearly a little uncomfortable with being here for this private moment, but also because something is eating at him. Finally, he just says it.) 
Black Lightning: But why'd you choose a condemned building?
The Flash: What? No, this is not a condemned building. No, listen, this is an old STAR Labs Research Facility that nobody uses, and what's even better, no one knows it exists.
Batwoman: (dryly) Good for you.
The Flash: No, good for us. I figure we could all use this to gather if anything ever happens again.
Superman: It's a great idea, Barry.
The Flash: Thanks, Superman.
Martian Manhunter: It's a better option than you all dropping by the DEO.
Black Lightning: Why do we even need it? I mean, how often does the world almost come to an end?
(Black Lightning chuckles nervously. Batwoman winces visibly. Nobody else is laughing.)
Black Lightning:  Oh, it's like that?
Batwoman: Don't worry, I was the new kid last year.
The Flash: All right, listen, I haven't even shown you guys the best part yet. You ready?
(Everyone nods as Barry moves to a sheet covering a lumpy collection of objects. Supergirl grins like a kid on Christmas morning as The Flash pulls aside the sheet to reveal a round table with eight chairs. Supergirl gasps audibly and even Batwoman and White Canary seem impressed.)
Black Lightning: Oh, nice.
 (The Flash beams as we see each chair has the emblem of one of the assembled heroes painted on the back. )
Black Lightning: You should have led with that, bro.
The Flash: Yeah.
Superman: Not bad.
Supergirl: I love it!
(Everyone moves forward to take their chair except White Canary, who smiles softly as she sees the chair The Flash was standing in front of. She nods with approval.)
White Canary: It's perfect.
(The Flash nod and moves as we see the chair at the head of the table has the Green Arrow emblem on it - a memorial for the man who brought them all together to save the world.)


As the episode opens, Kara wakes up in her apartment in National City. She quickly discovers that Alex has no memory of the events of Crisis or Earth-38 being destroyed.

A CatCo news article says that Kara fought a White Martian the night before, but Kara does not remember this.

Nia Nal also doesn't recall the events of Crisis.

Lex Luthor is awarded the Noble Peace Prize.

Both Nia and Alex are convinced that Lex Luthor is a good guy, not remembering their fight with him during the events of Supergirl Season 4.

Kara discovers that LCorp has returned to being LuthorCorp and they now own and operate the DEO.

Martian Manhunter confirms that Kara is not going crazy, but their world appears to have changed following Crisis and only the Paragons remember how it used to be.

Supergirl and The Flash face Weather Witch - a Flash villain who last appeared in F520.

Supergirl and Kara figure out that reality has been rewritten so they are now living on the same Earth.

A fanboy named Marv confirms that it is not unusual for Supergirl and The Flash to fight villains together, but they usually due it with Green Arrow or a Legend or two.

Nash Wells is discovered unconscious in the tunnel where the entrance to the Anti-Monitor's realm was. It is no longer there.

Sara Lance woke up in Star City.

Ray Palmer meets Sara at the bar where they played in a trivia night event in S509.

Ray Palmer doesn't remember the Crisis.

Ray Palmer does know J'onn J'onzz, before his memory is restored. He does not remember him previously having lived on an alternate Earth.

J'onn says that he's been traveling between cities, restoring the memories of all the superheroes he knows.

J'onn confirms that nobody has seen Oliver Queen and it looks like he is still dead.

Sara goes to Team Arrow's bunker looking for Oliver. She meets John Diggle, Dinah Drake and Rene Ramirez. She discovers that all of them already met with J'onn and they know that Oliver died twice to save the universe.

J'onn goes to STAR Labs in Central City and restores the memories of Caitlin Snow and Nash Wells.

Barry and Supergirl go to the Team Arrow bunker and confirm that it seems that Earth-38 and Earth-1 have joined together into a single Earth.

Argo City is also confirmed to be safe.

A giant Beebo plush rampages through Star City.

Sara calls the Legends and speaks to Ava and Nate. They confirm that nobody has used the totems to make a giant Beebo.

Mick Rory is in Star City, doing a book signing.

Batwoman also shows up in Star City.

The giant Beebo is revealed to be a magic construct, created as a distraction from a bank robbery by Sargon the Sorcrer.

Rene makes reference to Rory Regan (aka Ragman) upon meeting Mick Rory, saying they used to have a Rory on Team Arrow.

Nash Wells arrives in Star City and breaks into Team Arrow's bunker. He reveals that his gauntlet censors are still detecting anti-matter and it looks like the Anti-Monitor is coming for them.

Sara is sad about Oliver's death because Oliver was the last person left in her life who remembered her before she became the Canary.

Shadow demons begin attacking the Paragons, trying to catch them off guard.

The heroes plan to fight the Anti-Monitor by destabilizing his physical form with a shrinking bomb.

Nash Wells, Ryan Choi and Ray Palmer work on the bomb at STAR Labs with Mick Rory and Killer Frost protecting them. They are later joined by Black Lightning.

Dinah Drake runs the comms from the Team Arrow bunker.

Wild Dog, Dreamer, Spartan, The Flash, White Canary, Supergirl, Martian Manunter,Alex Danvers, Batwoman and Superman plan to fight the Anti-Monitor.

Martian Manhunter has a new costume.

The Anti-Monitor's shadow demons confront them at Gardner Pier in Star City.

The battle later migrates to Perez Landing.

John Diggle and Lyla Michaels are revealed to now have a daughter named Sara who is the same age as their son, John Diggle Jr. In the pre-Flashpoint timeline, their first child was a daughter named Sara, who became a son named John Diggle Jr. after Flashpoint.

Oliver Queen's death and heroism is acknowledged by the President of the United States in the new reality, who is a woman.

Superman calls Lois Lane and informed he has to come home because of their sons. Before the Crisis, they had just had one son named Jonathan.

Martian Manhunter, Supergirl, Superman, Batwoman, White Canary, The Flash and Black Lightning meet at the STAR Labs Hanger the heroes used as a base of operations during the Invasion! storyline.

Barry sets up a display case for Oliver's costume as a memorial. Supergirl lights an arrowhead-shaped eternal flame in front of it with her heat vision.

Barry suggests they use the hangar as a meeting place for global disasters in the future and reveals a round table with eight chairs - one for each of the assembled heroes with their logo on it, and a eighth chair with the Green Arrow logo on it.

As the heroes sit down at the table, they hear what sounds like a monkey climbing in the rafters above them. This is revealed to be an escaped test animal named Gleek.


National City - Earth-Prime
Central City - Earth-Prime
Star City - Earth-Prime
Washington D.C. - Waverider
STAR Labs - Central City - Earth-Prime
STAR Labs Hangar - Near Central City - Earth-Prime

Untelevised Adventures

John contacts most of the heroes and restores their memories off-camera.

The Crisis Factor

Even for Ray, snapping a selfie with a giant Beebo that is endangering a city is a little dumb.

The Bottom Line

A fitting conclusion for an epic event that truly lived up to its tagline.

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