Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Flash #18 - A Review

Wally West had a hard enough time coping with the idea that his Uncle Daniel was a crook or that he had become new Reverse Flash. The revelation that Daniel West was his biological father was even worse. Still, the young man needs closure and The Flash (who Wally doesn't know is really his Aunt Iris' friend Barry Allen), means to help his sidekick get it... even if means breaking into Belle Reeve prison!

The Flash #18 brings a new art-team to the book and they're a definitive improvement over the erratic artwork in the previous issue. Former Superman penciler Jesus Merino sports a cinematographic style where each panel boasts an amazing amount of detail as the viewpoint continually shifts from one angle to another. Inker Andy Owens enhances the pencils without over-shading them. This, coupled with Chris Sotomayor's colors, leaves the finished art popping on the page.

I'm afraid I have nothing new to say about Joshua Williamson's writing on this series. It's as fantastic as ever and his love and knowledge of these characters and their personalities is crystal clear. Williamson also does a fantastic job of recapping the backstory for new readers without getting mired in continuity. One last note: those Captain Boomerang fans disappointed by Digger Harkness' absence from the recent Rogues reunion should know he shows up near the end of this issue.

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