Saturday, March 11, 2017

Titans #9 - A Review

When Mal Duncan expressed concerns about the company Meta Solutions - who were treating his wife's sudden development of super-powers after her pregnancy - his friends in The Titans were all too willing to listen... particularly when Mal said that he saw Mammoth of The Fearsome Five in the company building!  It turns out The Fearsome Five are in the employ of Meta Solutions but they claim to have turned over a new leaf. Is it too good to be true?  Almost certainly...

Dan Abnett is a great writer and he handles the ensemble cast of Titans extraordinary well. I do wish that he'd focus more on certain members than others in the wake of the opening arc (Omen and Donna Troy, in particular, who I don't think have had a single scene together as the only women on the team in nine issues) but there's some great character moments here for Arsenal and Tempest. The story is good for what it is - an action/thriller -and the sequence of Nightwing and The Flash infiltrating Meta Solutions together is a great one.

There is one thing I noticed in this issue that I hadn't before about Brett Booth's artwork - the subtle differences he puts into each character's body-type. Many artists merely draw a generic fit form for superheroes but Booth draws a runner like Wally West differently than archer Roy Harper or trained-acrobat Dick Grayson. That sense of detail dominates Booth's work in general and is part of why this book always looks fantastic.

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