Saturday, March 11, 2017

All-New Wolverine #18 - A Review

Laura Kinney has finally been freed from the influence of The Trigger Scent that transforms her into a mindless berserker. Unfortunately, SHIELD still wants to imprison her for the murders she committed while under the influence of Kimura - the woman who turned young Laura into the living weapon known as X-23. Yet Nick Fury and his agents will find themselves forming an uneasy alliance with Laura, her friends in the X-Men and the crime-lord Tyger Tyger when Kimura and her forces surround them all!

This issue proves a satisfying conclusion to the Enemy Of the State II arc. Tom Taylor writes a fantastic action-packed story, though this issue was a little light on the humor I've come to expect from him apart from some admittedly funny slapstick. The artwork by Nik Vieralls is solid, though Michael Garland's colors do muddy the action scenes a little bit due to his curious decision to use the same shades of pink to denote Gambit's explosions and Jean Grey's telekinesis. Anyone curious about Laura's character following Logan would do well to track down the early issues of this series.

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