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Arrow Episode Guide: Season 5, Episode 7 - Vigilante

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When another independent crime-fighter leaves two dead bodies propped up in a V-shape at SCPD HQ, Team Arrow becomes torn on whether they should let this new Vigilante run loose or bring him to heel. Meanwhile, Quentin turns to Thea with a shocking secret as Diggle becomes increasingly frustrated with his life as a fugitive.


The 1983 Vigilante series, the Young Justice animated series (Artemis being a tratior to her team) and the Green Arrow comics of Judd Winick.


Given how many members of Team Arrow had an issue with the revelation that Ollie used to keep people as The Hood during his first year last week, it seems really weird how most of the team is suddenly all for letting Vigilante continue killing people. It's especially weird that Felicity of all people is asking if they really have to stop him.

The idea that Quentin could be Prometheus is perhaps the stupidest red-herring in the show's history.

Vigilante is somehow able to vanish in the three seconds Green Arrow is on the ground after trying to remove his mask, despite being tied to a column. (In the words of Joel Hodgson, "Anything can happen during the cut-away.")

For that matter, how does the explosive that knocks Green Arrow to the ground when he tries to remove Vigilante's mask not hurt Vigilante himself?


The only reason the cliche-driven plot regarding Quentin's alcoholism works half as well as it does is because of the performances of Paul Blackthorne and Willa Holland.


The cinematography during the scene in which Oliver fights Kovar is good, with the two fighters silhouetted against a well-lit window.


Rory quotes part of a line from Moby Dick to Oliver.  The full line is "All that most maddens and torments; all that stirs up the lees of things; all truth with malice in it; all that cracks the sinews and cakes the brain; all the subtle demonisms of life and thought; all evil, to crazy Ahab, were visibly personified, and made practically assailable in Moby-Dick."

Eric Dunn's hideout is said to be The Papp Motel. This is a nod to artist George Papp, who was the co-creator of Green Arrow.

As in the 1983 Vigilante series, it appears that Vigilante is becoming more and more mentally unstable and - based on his actions during the hotel attack and his taking Mister Terrific hostage - he cares little about innocents being hurt by his actions.

In the final scene, it is revealed that Artemis is in communication with Prometheus. In the first season of the Young Justice cartoon, there was a subplot regarding a traitor to the team and Artemis - who had been hiding her origin as the daughter of two super-villains - was one of the main suspects.


Vigilante makes use of a visor that gives him infrared vision and night vision. It also appears to have some kind of targeting system that allows him to aim his guns better.

The baston is one of the primary weapons of Filipino martial arts.

Vigilante uses 5.56 mm armor-piercing hollow-point bullets.

Eric Dunn's M.O. when selecting a place to rob is based on how close it is to a police station.  From there, he works inward through similar targets.

Oliver makes use of a new trick arrow - a bullet-proof shield that attaches itself to a targeted area.

Oliver uses a bolo arrow to bind Vigilante.

Vigilante has his mask rigged in such a way that it triggers an explosion that knocks back any person trying to remove his mask.

Dialogue Triumphs

Rory: "All that most maddens and torments...all that cracks the sinews and cakes the brain."
Ollie: Rory, is that from The Torah?
Rory: Moby Dick.
Ollie: Oh. (pauses) Does that make me Ahab?
Rory: Well, if the obsessive and really intense look fits...

Kovar: Good. Evil. Hero. Monster. My friend, Truth is a matter of perspective.

(While questioning one of Eric Dunn's former gang members.)
Artemis: How far could you throw him?
Ragman: Hmm... it depends on how many bones you want broken.

Green Arrow: Hey! Keep your guns down.
Vigilante: So you can just shoot me? We're on the same side!
Green Arrow: You're out of control
Vigilante: This city is out of control! And you haven't been able to save it.
(Vigilante shoots at the ground as Green Arrow starts to take a step towards him.)
Vigilante: Take one more step and one of you isn't going home tonight! If you're not with me, then you're against me!
Green Arrow: Then I'm against you!
Vigilante: Then you're a dead man!

(Adrian Chase is questioning one of Eric Dunn's gang regarding his whereabouts.)
Woman: I said 'go to Hell'.
(Chase just stares at her.)
Woman: What? Do you need directions or something?
Adrian Chase: No. (softly and intensely) I've been to Hell. And that makes me somebody that you do not want to screw with.

Green Arrow: What do you want?
Vigilante: To operate without interference.
Green Arrow: So you can keep killing people?
Vigilante: Criminals!
Green Arrow: Like the people at the motel?
Vigilante: Collateral damage. You don't seem to know this is a war. Maybe that's why you're losing?

Vigilante: You're not getting the job done because you don't take it seriously enough! Maybe because you haven't lost anyone? You don't have a full understanding of what's out there!
Green Arrow: Oh, I've lost people. Almost more than I can bear.
Vigilante: Then it hasn't been more than you can bear!  Maybe you need a push?!

(To a bound Vigilante)
Green Arrow: You're right. This is a war. But I'm going to fight it the right way. Because I am all this city has.


We find out that Taiana's mother is now working as a maid for Kovar.

Kovar refers to Oliver killing one of his men in the flashbacks of 504.

John Diggle Jr. just turned two years old.

Eric Dunn was innocent of the first crime he was convicted of, but a corrupt DA out for a conviction at any cost framed him.

Quentin Lance checks into rehab at Thea's urging.

Wild Dog makes arrangements with Lyla Michaels to let John Diggle see his son and have a small birthday party in the old HIVE headquarters.

At the episode's end, it is revealed that Artemis is in contact with Prometheus. She tells him that nobody on Team Arrow suspects a thing.

Untelevised Adventures

Five years ago, Oliver was apparently tortured for a week by Kovar.

The Bottom Line

Another filler episode in which nothing is accomplished until the last five minutes.  Quentin continues to be a drunk who Thea needs to goad into seeking help. Team Arrow continues to have trouble functioning as a group. Ollie trusts yet another completely and obviously untrustworthy person - reporter Susan Williams -whom we've known has been trying to get the goods on Ollie for several episodes now. Worst of all, the morality of killing in the name of a greater good is debated yet again, although everyone seems to have different opinions than they did when the same argument came up last week.

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