Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Green Arrow #11 - A Review

The mission had been to stop an illegal drug shipment on a high-speed underwater train. Yet somehow Green Arrow, Black Canary and John Diggle found themselves in the middle of a secret international peace summit just as one of the lead diplomats was murdered. Now, with security convinced that they're the killers and the real assassin on the run, our heroes will have to act fast to clear the names, catch the real killer... and save everyone's lives!

There's no touching character moments or heart-felt speeches this time, kids. This issue is nothing but action, action and more action! Personally I prefer my Green Arrow stories a little more thoughtful, but this issue is good for what it is - a summer blockbuster on paper - and Benjamin Percy writes a damn good action movie.

I'm afraid the images I've chosen to include with this review don't do full justice to Juan Ferreyra's art. They're great images - particularly the splash page (no pun intended) of Black Canary and Green Arrow outrunning the cresting water in a flooding tunnel.  Yet the most impressive bits of this issue involve the glorious two-page spreads Ferreyra crafts for most of the issue's action sequences.

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