Saturday, August 13, 2016

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor: Year Two #13 - A Review

A quick trip home has done little to sooth the nerves of The Doctor's current companions. Cindy is still reeling from the death of her first love and Gabby is coming to realize the emotional cost of being a time-traveling saver-of-worlds like The Doctor.

Unfortunately, their rest is cut short by unfinished business. Anubis, last of the Osirans, has grown impatient waiting for The Doctor's help in joining with the last of his people. And an old enemy may be ready to strike against them all!

The only real flaw with this series at this point is that it has become as complex in terms of continuity as the original Doctor Who show! The most recent issues - drawing off of several previous story lines - are inaccessible to new readers. It is a minor point, but one I have to consider as a critic when pondering Stan Lee's dictum that every comic should be written as if it was someone's first. A synopsis on the title page helps but the sad truth is that new readers won't get as much out of this book as those who have been reading since the first issue.

That being said, as a Doctor Who fan who has been reading since the first issue, Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor is easily the best of the monthly books Titan Comics has produced since winning the license. Writer Nick Abadzis has crafted characters and continuity as rich as any to be found on the original television series. He's perfectly captured the spirit of David Tennant's Doctor, giving him scenes where he revels in the simple pleasures around him - such as Gabby's mom telling his fortune. And he has effortlessly utilized aspects of the original show - such as the Ancient Egypt inspired Osirians from Pyramids of Mars - making them accessible to those younger Whovians unfortunate enough to have missed the Tom Baker era, even in reruns.

Abadzis' scripts are backed by some equally impressive artwork. Though this issue is light on action, things never seem dull or slow-paced. This can be attributed to the dynamic pencils, light inks and vivid colors utilized by the art team, which give this issue an energized feeling throughout.

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