Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Flash #4 - A Review

As more and more victims of The Speed Force Storm come forth, Barry Allen finds himself more and more absorbed in his role as a teacher and mentor to a new group of speedsters. But The Black Hole - the villainous group responsible for triggering the storm in the first place - are still determined to weaponize The Speed Force. And even with the assistance of his new partners, even The Flash may not be fast enough to stop them!

It seems ironic that The Flash should be so slow in building its story. Joshua Williamson's leisurely pacing results in a story where nothing much happens until the final pages. Those revelations, however, will leave readers anxiously anticipating the next issue. If nothing else, this issue proves a fascinating character study of Barry Allen, even if the action involving The Black Hole falls flat.

What Williamson's story lacks in energy, however, is more than made up for by the artwork. Neil; Googe's kinetic style is a good fit for the adventures of The Flash. And Ivan Plascencia's vivid colors perfectly enhance the original pencils.

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