Saturday, August 13, 2016

Detective Comics #938 - A Review

Trapped inside the headquarters of the secret military black-ops group called The Colony, Batman needs a miracle. Or, at the very least, he needs back-up. Luckily Batwoman ignored his orders about not taking the team he placed in her command into the field yet...

This issue is largely one running fight sequence. And it's a damn fine sequence as these things go. Where James Tynion IV excels, however, is in the brief character moments in the midst of the fighting that further define the cast of this book. Everyone is given a chance to shine in the battle. We also get a touching flashback sequence explaining the motives of Jacob Kane, turning him into - if not a sympathetic antagonist - than at least a relatable one.

These flashbacks are also noteworthy in how well they display the skill of the art team. Not many artists are capable of varying their styles enough to create something that looks like it was created by a different artist. Yet the flashback sequences are rendered with softer inks and colors that leave it looking like it came from another art team entirely! Such is the skill of Raul Fernandez, Alvaro Martinez and Brad Anderson on this book.

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