Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Tithe #7 - A Review

Another church bombing has been blamed upon radical Islamic immigrants but the FBI team investigating the attacks isn't so sure things are as cut and dry as they seem. An old hacking contact of Samantha's confirms the unthinkable - that the encryption used by the terrorists is US Military. And the trail from there leads straight to the office of a Senator with his eyes on the White House and dreams of a new American empire!

The Tithe continues to be a tense, timely political thriller as well as a brilliant police procedural under Matt Hawkins' pen. The drama involving our heroes' personal lives suffers a little for that this month, with the drama between Sam and Agent Miller seeming a little forced and the subplot involving Agent Campbell's family problems having disappeared completely! Still, Hawkins did his homework on the real-world aspects of  the story and his comments in the back of the issue are as educational as ever.

Like many thrillers, this book doesn't  have a lot of traditional action-scenes. Despite this, artists Rahsan Ekedal and Phillip Sevy do a good job of matching the pace of Hawkins' script and shifting the perspective of the story so that things are rarely static, even if most of the book involves people talking. There are still many striking images and the colors by Jeremy Colwell are nice and vivid.

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