Sunday, December 20, 2015

Secret Six #9 - A Review

The fate of all reality hangs in the balance as The Secret Six - aided by a cult of ancient Atlanteans - seek to destroy four magical columns in order to save Black Alice. The fact that this will also unleash a horde of otherworldly abominations on the universe doesn't really matter that much to them. Are they crazy?

Every time I think this book can't surprise me any more and that I have a handle on the characters, Gail Simone finds a way to shock me. For instance, until now I'd just assumed that Ferdie was a manifestation of the id of Shawna (aka The new Ventriloquist). I hadn't seriously considered that he was an independent entity. I still don't believe that yet his new-found ability to break the fourth wall is just one of the things about this book that keeps me second-guessing myself. The one constant is that this book is always darkly hilarious.

Tom Derenick delivers the same quality artwork that made Injustice: Gods Among Us so delightful. There are some great splash pages and the action is well choreographed.  The colors by Jason Wright show a varied and well-considered palette throughout.

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