Sunday, December 20, 2015

Batgirl #46 - A Review

Gangs are becoming an increasing problem in Burnside - both because of how they're forcibly recruiting young men and in how they're trying to force the working poor out of their homes. It's a problem Barbara Gordon tries to tackle both as an activist and as Batgirl, but tonight she has more immediate problems. One of the mobs has put a hit out on The Spoiler and the more inexperienced heroine is in need of a rescue.
I can't say enough about the phenomenal Babs Tarr's artwork. Tarr has an amazing grasp of action and her work is full of personality and the colors of Serge Lapointe build perfectly upon her foundation. This is one of the best-looking books on the market today.
Alas, the script this month doesn't quite live up to the visuals. It's fortunate that Tarr's artwork has personality because the supporting cast doesn't. Even Batgirl herself has been reduced to a generic strong female protagonist. There's none of the wit or humor from when Gail Simone was writing the series.

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