Sunday, December 20, 2015

Descender #8 - A Review

Scrappers - the bounty hunters charged with hunting down rogue artificial intelligences - are scouring the whole of the galaxy searching for the robot boy TIM-21. But one scrapper in particular is hunting for TIM-21 a little bit harder. His name is Andy and decades earlier TIM-21 was his brother!

Jeff Lemire continues to impress with Descender. This issue tells two different stories, alternating between Andy's past and his present. Lemire maintains a difficult balancing act, yet also manages to expand upon the unique mythology of this universe while developing Andy's character.

Dustin Nguyen manages the same trick with slightly less subtlety.  The flashback scenes are rendered in monochrome while full colors are used for the present-day scenes. It's a typical trick but Nguyen renders it effectively and the artwork in both stories works well.

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