Sunday, October 25, 2015

Secret Six #7 - A Review

There is a kinship between magicians that goes beyond simple matters of Good and Evil. For there are things beyond imagination that seek entrance into our reality and it is the responsibility of all those who draw upon mystic powers to fight such beings and those who might aid them. To that end, an enclave was called to deal with a matter most pressing - a drain upon the force of magic itself that, if not dealt with, could lead to the destruction of all reality!

This drain, it turns out, is Lori Zechlin - a.k.a. the magical parasite known as Black Alice. And as most of her allies in The Secret Six work at Catman's attempt at a team-building exercise (i.e. basketball and mini-golf), a group of magical heroes and villains are converging on the hospital where Black Alice is near death. But The Six do not stand alone, for The Demon Etrigan seeks to aid them...though for what reasons no one can begin to guess!

There almost seem to be two comics in this issue and I love them both. The bits with Catman trying to get the team to bond are vintage Simone, with sufficient slapstick and ribaldry to satisfy most appetites. The other half of the book seems like something from a lost issue of Shadowpact. Yet there is some subtle humor here, with Klarion The Witch Boy and Cheetah attempting to sneak into a hospital unnoticed yet still bothering to bring a plant and a balloon to blend in. 

The artwork is as fine as ever. Both Dale Eaglesham and Tom Derenick do their usual stellar jobs on the pencils and inks in their respective sections. And the colors by Jason Wright leave the finished artwork jumping off the page.

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