Sunday, October 25, 2015

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #4 - A Review

The Doctor, Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness find themselves trapped in a battle between two alien races. On one side are the centaurian Unon, who have appointed themselves as the guardians of Time in the wake of the The Time War. On the other are the power-suit wearing Lect, who seek to plunder all of history.

It's a battle The Doctor would be reluctant to get involved in even if Rose weren't currently a captive of the Lect and the Unon totally indifferent to saving her. Unfortunately, the Unon are rightly concerned about an temporal storm that threatens trillions of lives. And before The Doctor and Jack can do anything about saving Rose, first they'll have to assist the Unon.

Cavan Scott's scripts perfectly capture the spirit of all the characters involved. This truly does feel like a lost episode of The First Series of Doctor Who. The only vexing thing about this issue is that there is so little of Rose in it and she has been reduced to the usual companions' role of chief hostage.

The artwork is not so bad here as it was in previous issues but the bloom effects used by Blair Shedd during the finishing process continue to be the comic's weak spot. Indeed, a feature in the back of the book - showing the artwork at different stages in the creation process - confirms that the color art by Anang Setyawan looks great up until the addition of glowing digital effects. At least The Doctor no longer appears as if he's on the verge of regenerating on each panel but a more natural look would be better, I think.

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