Thursday, September 3, 2015

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #15 - A Review

Anubis, last of the Osirans, stayed behind to maintain the gateway that allowed his people to pass on into a higher state of consciousness - his punishment for the sins of his father, Sutekh, who wished to destroy all reality as they departed this plane. But now he is ready to follow his people, though the way is broken. And it will take all of The Doctor's cunning and persuasion to stop Anubis from destroying all of reality in his attempts to reunite with his people!

Nick Abadzis' story emulates the Tom Baker era of Doctor Who, for good and for ill. His story has captured the richness of the Whovian universe but this chapter piles on the technobabble to a degree some fans may find off-putting.  Additionally, most of the many subplots this series possessed come to a screeching halt, with most of the supporting players standing around and doing nothing as The Doctor talks the antagonist off the ledge.  The conclusion is competently told but somewhat unsatisfying.

The artwork seems similarly rushed at times. I've enjoyed Elena Casagrande's work on this series but there are several points where the artwork seems unfinished and the background details are lost.  The book does not look bad but it's not up to the usual level of quality I've come to expect from this team.

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