Thursday, September 3, 2015

This Damned Band #2 - A Review

It was another wild drug-fueled, post-show party and that was not unusual for the band known (currently) as Motherfather.  Satan himself showed up wanting to hang out, which was rather unusual. And now in the wake of his departure, all of the bandmates are arguing - as a documentary films - about changing the art for their next album in honor of their new friend.  Except for Kev, who apparently thinks he just sold his soul to Santa.

This tribute to the golden age of sex, drugs, rock and roll and artistically motivated Satanism continues to impress and amaze. This book is incredibly funny, which is to be expected with Paul Cornell writing. The script goes beyond mere mockumentary humor, however, with Cornell satirizing the entire culture of classic rock and offering up a healthy portion of character-based humor as well.

The artwork by Tony Parker and Lovern Kindzierski is equally varied.  Parker changes up the artwork based on the perspectives of the band-mates, with Kev's drug-fueled haze represented by cheerful Tezukaesque imagery. There's also a number of brilliant poster-worthy prints on the interior and exterior covers. Even the band's emblem on the back cover is brilliantly designed!

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