Saturday, June 6, 2015

Superior Iron Man #9 - A Review

This is it! The final battle between the Superior Iron Man and Pepper Potts over the soul of Tony Stark.  Even with a back-up of Tony's mind, a new Rescue suit and an army of Tony's old designs at her disposal it will be a close thing...

There is little I can say about this issue beyond it being a perfect conclusion to Tom Taylor's run on this series. All the plot threads are sewn up and the ending is a satisfying one. It remains to be seen what Tony's life will be like post-Secret Wars but if there was never another Iron Man comic ever, this would be a good ending for Tony Stark's story.

The artwork is excellent, despite some of the fight scenes being a little cluttered at points. Still, one can't accuse Yildiray Cinar of giving anything less than 110%. As always this book's artwork is the equal of its scripts in quality.

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