Sunday, June 7, 2015

Doctor Who - The Twelfth Doctor #8 - A Review

In another time and another place, a UNIT scientist lost his family. This inspired him to create the technology that would let him move between worlds. To another time and another place where his family had lost a father and a husband.

It was a noble plan but the scientist didn't know about The Fractures - the repairmen of reality who will do anything to prevent inter-dimensional travel.  Including, it seems, pulling innocent people into the void in order to copy their forms! Now it will fall to The Doctor, Clara Oswarld and Kate Stewart of UNIT to save not only the missing people but all of reality. And maybe, just maybe, save a family in the process.

The conclusion to this story-line is a thrilling one. The script by Robbie Morrison does an impressive job of maintaining the energy of the earlier chapters while still allowing time for introducing such neat concepts as The Rassilon Cube. And we get a number of nice moments for each of the characters, including a chance for Clara and Kate to speak at length.

The artwork by Brian Williamson is equally wonderful.  He captures the likeness of the established cast perfectly. And the action of the issue is very well choreographed.

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