Saturday, June 6, 2015

Red Sonja: Vulture's Circle #5 - A Review

In my review of Red Sonja: Vulture's Circle #4 , I said I was done with this series. Ultimately, I decided to go ahead and pick up the conclusion. Not out of some blind hope that it might somehow make-up for old mistakes in the final chapter but because the cover art was amazing.

That's about the only nice thing I can say about this book, apart from the color art by Adriano Augusto being good.  The story is still a mess, with Red Sonja herself replaced by a blood-thirsty avatar of her goddess. The artwork is unintentionally hilarious, with Fritz Casas unable to agree upon Sonja's figure from panel to panel, drawing a voluptuous valkyrie and an emaciated waif with visible ribs in the next. And the action scenes are cluttered and difficult to follow.

I love how blasé the king of Zingara is about a naked redhead on fire standing before him.

Ultimately, this is just another Red Sonja mini-series that was penned only to be forgotten. If you're looking for a good Red Sonja story, check out the current monthly title by Gail Simone. Or the new Swords of Sorrow mini-series.

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