Monday, June 22, 2015

Rick And Morty #3 - A Review

It's been nearly three months since Morty's escape from the inter-galactic prison known as The Clackspire Labyrinth. And Rick - who seemed to sacrifice himself to save Morty - has yet to return home. Not that the rest of the family cares.

Heck, the only other person who has acknowledged Rick's absence is Morty's dad Jerry. And even then he only did that by selling Rick's stuff at a garage sale and turning Rick's basement lab into a study (i.e. porn reading room).  But by doing this, could Jerry have unwittingly unleashed some new threat upon the world?

Of course he has!  For God's sake, this is Jerry we're talking about. The man is an idiot!  He's the human equivalent of a mysterious brown stain on a white couch!

Sadly, this issue misses a little more than it hits. When the book is funny, it is VERY funny and there's a few laugh-out-loud gags. But most of the book is devoted toward the monster-of-the-month stalking the family and there's little humor apart from the bits parodying Alien and The Thing.

Much like the show, the best bits of this comic involve Rick and Morty and without them the whole thing drags a bit. Thankfully the back-up story, in which Rick and Morty travel to a universe where Morty is the genius and Rick is the idiot assistant more than makes up for the lack of laughs in the main section.

As the script perfectly captures the feeling of the show - for good and ill - so does the artwork of the book capture its appearance. Both C.J. Cannon and Marc Ellerby do a fine job of emulating the show's art style. And Ryan Hill's colors admirably enhance the tension of the issue through a few subtle palette shifts.

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