Thursday, June 18, 2015

Secret Six #3 - A Review

Freed from Mockingbird's clutches, The Secret Six need to lay low.  Luckily, Big Shot has a place out in the suburbs. Unluckily, with the exception of Black Alice, none of the rest of the group have the first idea how to blend into The 'Burbs!

Worse yet, there's a traitor in their midst. And someone had weird sex on the couch.

Much as I enjoyed Ken Lashley and Drew Geraci's work on the first two issues of this book, I'm glad to see Dale Eaglesham teamed up with Gail Simone again. The two were partners on the Villains United mini-series that started Simone's original Secret Six and the two creators play off of one another quite well. Dalesham's style is flexible enough that it can portray the more typically proportioned comic book characters as well as the more cartoonishly distorted members of The Secret Six. The whole book looks freakishly perfect... or is that perfectly freakish?

It should come as no surprise that Gail Simone packs this issue with loads of inappropriate humor, wacky fun and oddly touching character moments. The final page, however, came as a total surprise. I shan't spoil the implications of what that page might mean but a second reading of the issue and some fancy detective work might give you some clues.

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