Monday, June 22, 2015

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #2 - A Review

Rose Tyler has fallen into The Time Vortex!  Luckily, The Doctor was able to get a fix on her before something pulled her out of the space between space and time. Unluckily, she's been taken to an impossible place that Jack Harkness is oddly familiar with - The Fluren Temporal Bazaar! And Rose being enslaved as a shop-girl for a disagreeable squid-like alien is not the most upsetting thing they'll encounter in this underground swap meet for dodgy technology.

This issue is a marketed improvement on the first one.  There's less of a rushed feeling here and a more sedate pace as Cavan Scott's scripts explores the bazaar.  The character dialogue remains spot-on and the whole affair feels like a lost episode from Series One.

Unfortunately, while the script has improved from last issue, the artwork remains the same.  Blair Shedd does a grand job capturing the likeness of the characters from the show but some of his expressions continue to look out of place relative to the dialogue. And the coloring still seems too bright and over-saturated.

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