Sunday, April 12, 2015

Howard The Duck #2 - A Review

Trapped in a prison he never made, Howard The Duck seems doomed to be a part of The Collector's collection!  Luckily, Howard is locked up with Rocket Raccoon and the rest of The Guardians of the Galaxy are ready to spring their pal while The Collector is away on important business (i.e. attending a Con). Unluckily for Howard, they may get him killed long before he ever sees Earth again, much less gets paid for his current case!

Not surprisingly, Chip Zdarksy's script for this issue proves as hilarious as the first. Curiously, less of that humor is born of Howard himself and more from the sheer insanity of the Guardians of the Galaxy, such as Rocket's shaving a totally unnecessary treasure map into his fur. There's an equally funny back-up story where Howard is sued by Iron Fist and Power Man over the right to use the phrase "hero for hire" in his advertising.

The art team deserves just as much praise for their contributions to the book.  Rob Guillory's amazing facial expressions add to the fun of the back-up story. And Joe Quinones is to be commended for how many little sight gags he fits into every panel of the main feature.

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