Sunday, April 12, 2015

Convergence: Harley Quinn #1 - A Review

Harley Quinn was poised to make her big solo comeback. Then that got all futzed up when a giant dome surrounded Gotham City.  A year later, Harley is a changed woman.  Well, mostly changed.  She's given up crime and has a new boyfriend.  And she hardly ever hears the bad voices anymore, though she does see happy little fish swimming around her hands. But hey!  It's a change!

Yep!  She's a whole new Harley.

Too bad the old Harley is needed.  For The Powers That Be that trapped the city have decreed that Harley Quinn is to represent Gotham in a battle to the death for the city's fate. And even though the other champion is a bunny in a cape, the threat is real enough that Harley's gal pals are determined to get the old Harley back...

This book was quite the delight. Steve Pugh perfectly captures the spirit of fun that has eluded everyone who has tried to write Harley Quinn in the past few years. Phil Winslade matches that attitude with his art, which has a fluid, cartoonish sense of motion in even its most static moments.

 All in all, if you've found yourself missing Harley - the REAL Harley - this book will be a real treat.

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