Sunday, April 12, 2015

Descender #2 - A Review

Ten years ago, robot armies decimated the core worlds of the United Galactic Council. Since then over 90% of the sentient robots have been destroyed by the bounty hunters known as Scrappers. All of this is news to Tim-21 - a robotic child companion who went dormant ten years ago, only to reactivate on an abandoned mining colony. Unfortunately, his awakening has summoned The Wreckers...

This new series by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen borrows from a lot of classic science-fiction. The story combines elements of Astro BoyBlade Runner and A.I. while the artwork is reminiscent of Robotech and the films of Miyazaki. Yet the combined aesthetic is entirely original and uniquely memorable.

Descender has proven to be one of the best new series of 2015. It's a must read for all fans of good comics as well as sci-fi genre enthusiasts. If you haven't picked up the first issue, do so immediately.

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