Sunday, April 12, 2015

Convergence: Batgirl #1 - A Review

A year has passed since the dome came down over Gotham City and Stephanie Brown has found a new peace. She's abandoned her super suit for surgical scrubs and gone to work as a nurse's aide. After all, with Black Bat and Red Robin around it's not like the city needs Batgirl.

Except the city DOES need Batgirl. For when the dome lifted and The Powers That Be insist on a fight to the death to decide which of two cities lives or dies, it was Stephanie Brown who was chosen to stand for Gotham City. And with Steph out of action for so long, it's doubtful she'll have a chance against the Catman of another world who is her chosen opponent.

I'm somewhat conflicted about the story of this issue. After everything Stephanie has done to prove herself as a hero - as Spoiler, as Robin and as Batgirl - it seems a bit odd that she'd give that up as readily as she seems to in this issue, even if she did find another way to help people. Ignore the base concept, however, and the dialogue in this issue is spot on, with the friendship between Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown being perfectly captured.

The artwork is similarly unpolished. The pencils are average, at best, with the characters looking misshapen and half-finished in some panels. And  the inking and coloring are some of the sloppiest I've ever seen on a professional book.

Sorry Steph and Cass. I'd hoped to see you return. But not like this.

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