Sunday, November 16, 2014

Batman #36 - A Review

Batman took down a Justice League possessed by Joker Venom.  But now he faces his greatest challenge ever - a Superman with all the madness of The Joker and none of the scruples of The Man of Steel.  And even if he survives, he must still deal with the clown behind the curtain...

It's no surprise that Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo and Danny Miki continue to deliver one of the best Batman comics in years with this issue, with a thrilling script and atmospheric artwork.  What is surprising is that Snyder manages to put a neat spin on the now cliche Batman Vs. Superman fight, if only by hanging a lampshade on the age-old argument.  Who wins?  Nobody.

The back-up story by James Tynion IV and Graham Nolan is no less enjoyable.  Continuing last month's tale of a number of Arkham inmates telling stories of their encounters with The Joker, this one centers upon a technophobe who killed the family she feared were turning into robots.  It's not a bad story but there's little to separate it from last week's tale save for the circumstances of why this maniac was in Arkham.  Still, Nolan's artwork is a marked contrast from the style of Kelley Jones, who penciled last month's issue, which helps to make the story seem somewhat more unique.

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