Sunday, November 16, 2014

Red Sonja #13 - A Review

At first it seems like a fairly typical day for Red Sonja. Kill an evil wizard and save the nearby village. Easy peasy. Of course, that's all before Sonja finds herself with a wannabe sorcerer as an unwanted acolyte.  And before she spots the one man who escaped justice for the death of her family in the local tavern. And well before she discovers that the dying wizard's death curse was more than words...

Funny is not usually a word associated with Red Sonja comics, but Gail Simone's run on this title has been hilarious.  Do not think this means this issue is lacking in action!  Far from it!  This is still Red Sonja, but it bares the unmistakable fingerprints of Simone's twisted hand.

Simone is well matched by artist Walter Geovani.  Geovani is one of the finest artists working in the business today and there are few who can match him in the sword-and-sorcery department.  He is also one of the few artists who manages the trick of making Sonja seem sexy without being sexualized.

If you've had the misfortune to have not been reading this book, this is a fine issue to start with.  The only bad thing about this issue is that it marks the beginning of the end of the best run Red Sonja has seen in some time.  Savor it while you can, readers!  This is one to remember!

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