Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thor (2014) #2 - A Review

The second issue of Thor provides few clues as to the identity of the mysterious woman who has somehow claimed the power of Mjolnir. It seems clear that she's a woman of Earth and that she has encountered Thor before, but that does little to narrow the field of suspects.  One oddity is that she seems to be possessed by some spirit akin to that of Thor, though her thought processes are still her own.

Jason Aaron is quick to throw out these hints before throwing us into the action, as this new heroine finds herself facing an army of frost giants.  The stakes are high with a team of Avengers frozen, but this war maiden is more than capable of rising to the challenge before her.  Much to the dismay of the frost giants!

As before, the only real weak point of this series is the artwork of Russell Dauterman.  The inks of this book are too thin at times, making the characters and the backgrounds difficult to separate.  This is doubly true in the case of the frost giants and the icy environs around them.  Thankfully, this is a minor distraction at worst and the detailed pencils make up for the lack of detailing.

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