Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fangasm - Episode 3 - Live Tweet Review

Since I'm home to watch Fangasm live tonight, we're going to try something new - a live-Tweeted review, archived here for those who missed it. 

10:00 : There's our hook.  Sell a comic to Stan Lee.

10:04 : Molly's nerd penis is mightier than Mike's!

10:06 : My mom told me to not to say anything if I couldn't say anything nice.  So I have nothing to say about Andrew's "comedy".

10:07 : Laughing at your own jokes.  The first sign of trouble.

10:09: Okay. I may get flamed for this.  I don't think Andrew is funny.  At all.  There.  I said it. 

10:10 : Andrew's comedy just seems to be encouraging people to laugh at him rather than with him.

10:14 : Andrew showing the same work-ethic he showed last week - filming his roommate sleep when he should be working.

10:15 : And somewhere, the vengeful ghost of Jack Kirby seethes.

10:17 : Oh please, Mike!  Guy carrying a manniquine isn't the weirdest thing you'll see in LA by a longshot!

10:18: Hell, Mike in drag wouldn't be the weirdest thing walking down your average street in LA.

10:20 : Hot glue on a cosplay - bad idea in general.

10:22 : Seems this live-tweeting has lost me a follower.  Oh well.

10:23: @steve_online - there followed ya.. Now ur even :-)

10:24 : YES! More slaves for the Lust Pits! @steve_online

10:26 : Hey Andrew? Robert Carradine called. He wants his laugh back.

10:29 : Okay.  Sal and Dani?  That was adorable.  

10:32 : Paul - I love ya, man, but this sounds way too technical. 

10:33 : And I say that as someone who wrote about the different specs for various Green Lantern rings.

10:36 : For those who don't get my "Slaves For The Lust Pits" remark, check this out.

10:38 : And speaking of lust pits... damn!  Molly, Kristen and Dani in those costumes!

10:41 : Superhero stories are all about hope.  Words of Wisdom from The Man himself.

10:43 : Great pitches so far, though Sal's character name sounds too close to Wakanda - homeland of Black Panther. 

10:45 : Recruited two spam bots.  Doing something right tonight.

10:50 : Stan Lee hears "The Falcon" mentioned.  Thinks "Hello Lawsuit!"

10:53 : Mike wears a bow tie now.  Bow ties are cool.

10:55 : Anyone who wishes to read my too-technical articles on Green Lantern ring specs - click here.

10:58 : I want to read Dani's Cicada comic so bad now.

10:59 : @RealPaulPerkins Yeah I was trying to get WAY too involved and I needed to simplify it a lot... It's cool though

11:02 : Yeah. Not a criticism. Just a comment. Came off well in the end.

11:03 : @SalvatoreFringo  I know! I knew that when I pitched it, but its also the Indian god of my summer camp, so I went with it :)

11:04 : It's all good. I was reminded of Wematanyea from that one King of The Hill episode.

11:05 : I'm glad I gave the show a second chance. That was the best episode yet.

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