Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Agents of SHIELD, Episode 4 - Live Commentary

Sarcasm and commentary, as the show plays. Here is the archive of what I said on Twitter.

0:01:  Hey! It's the Red Man Group! 

0:02: Boy, the Red Skull's men are cheaping out on their uniforms

0:04: How soon until Agent Coulson starts asking "Are we there yet?

0:08: I wonder how many spies actually DO thank the techies for Facebook making their jobs easier?

0:12: Geez, with all the agents SHIELD has go rogue, it's a wonder they have anyone on the payroll still

0:16: Short Bus.  BWAHAHAHA! 

0:28: I keep getting distracted by everyone on my Twitter feed talking about the #SuperheroesPBS special

0:29: I think the honeymoon is officially over. And here I thought the show just wasn't clicking for me. 

0:30: But everyone is talking about #SuperheroesPBS and not #AgentsOfSHIEL

0:35: Nice to see Coulson getting some development.  Wish they'd do this for the rest of the cast. 

0:38: She just described James Bond

0:43: I'm recording the for later. Have no fear. I just can't watch it now because I am recording a podcast at 8 PM

0:45: Looking back over all this, I haven't really said much about the show.  Says it all, doesn't it? 

0:50: They even put SHIELD logos on the labcoats!  I call shenanigans on this secret spy organization! 

0:51: There is something very Clark Kent about Agent Ward in glasses.  

0:53: And the obligatory hint that Coulson is not Coulson. 

0:55: Okay.  I DO like Skye calling Coulson AC because it sounds cool.  Ha!  AC!  Cool!   

0:58: "When evil villains have superpowers...." Not subtle on pushing on the fans, are they?

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