Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Batgirl #24 - A Review

 Let us pause a moment and give thanks to whatever fickle gods allowed Gail Simone to continue on this title after her unceremonious firing by e-mail and sudden rehiring.


Thank you.

I ask for this blessing because I am truly frightened to think about the possibility of not having had this issue to read.  How could any writer but Gail Simone have pulled off last month's issue without having it seem like a betrayal of the whole story so far?  How could anyone but her have penned this issue, in which Barbara Gordon finds herself pitted against not only the police and every enemy she's made since her return as Batgirl but against her very essence as a person?

There is no word I can think of to sum this issue up, save one: powerful.  This is a powerful issue and one of the strongest, most emotional works Simone has ever penned.  The fact that it's a ripping action yarn at the same time does not diminish its' emotional arc in any way.  I'm aching to read next month's issue now, that's how great it is.  

The artwork of Fernando Pasarin and Jonathan Glapion equals the script in quality and excellence.  Everone involved in this storyline needs to be nominated for some kind of award.  If you aren't reading Batgirl, you should be. 

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