Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Green Arrow #22 - A Review

The cover of Green Arrow #22 boasts the premiere of "The All New Count Vertigo" and it does deliver on that promise.  Yet there is much more here that will please classic Green Arrow fans.  Things like brand new trick arrows - like the Mapping Arrow that allows Ollie to scan an entire area and give his tech support team another eye as they watch his back from afar.

The new Count Vertigo isn't the only somewhat familiar figure that Jeff Lemire has brought back from comic book limbo to torment Oliver Queen.  This issue also brings about the return of a familiar female assassin, whose approach had already been heavily hinted at.  Though her relationship to Oliver this time around proves quite different, it is just as complicated as before.  More surprising is the first appearance of a Seattle crime boss named Billy Tockman - a name Arrowheads will recognize as that of the original Clock King. 

As always, Andrea Sorrentino's artwork is excellent.  Indeed, it would be reason enough to buy this book even if Jeff Lemire's scripts weren't equally amazing.  This is one of the best books on the market today and a must-read for all fans of low-powered superheroics as well as The Emerald Archer himself.  Green Arrow hasn't been this good in years!

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