Tuesday, June 25, 2013

World's Finest #13 - A Review

It's sad that with the wide variety of art teams that have worked on this book over the past year, that DC Comics would decide to abandon the idea of having different teams illustrate the portions devoted to Huntress and Power Girl on their own and opt to have the worst of all possible teams start illustrating the whole book.   I can usually ignore artwork I don't enjoy for the sake of a good story.  Yet even I couldn't look past the artistic flaws in World's Finest #13 to enjoy what would have, in the hands of a better art team, been a damn fine issue. 

To be quite blunt, Robson Rocha's figures are distorted to Liefeldian proportions.  Individual panels may look decent enough but any attempt to depict figures in motion results in lines warping in ways that suggest an oil painting that got wet and began running.  Robson's faces also look oddly spaced, with the area around noses and between eyes looking distorted and strange. 

These problems are only aggravated by Wayne Facher, who I contend is the laziest inker in comics today.  There are many panels where the only detailing went into the backgrounds and the figures just barely stand out against said backgrounds.  There's even one point where the lines detailing the leg-holes of Power Girl's leotard go uninked and only the attention of the colorist presents Power Girl with the appearance of clothing in the far shot!

With all respect to Paul Levitz, whose continuing tale of two heroines investigating the mystery of a continued Apokolyptian presence on Earth One has been nothing but exciting, I can no longer continue to purchase this title.  It is clear to me that the art team doesn't give a damn about providing quality work.  As such, I can't give a damn about supporting this title anymore. 

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