Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Free Comic Book Day 2013 and Texas Frightmare Weekend 2013.

It was a busy weekend, to put it mildly.

Friday night, I went to a party at Texas Frightmare Weekend - the American Southwest's largest Horror-themed convention.  My theater troupe, Amber Does Dallas, had been hired to perform The Rocky Horror Picture Show there - dance the Time Warp at the party on Friday, present the whole live show on Saturday.  As a technician and head riffer for the troupe, I wasn't strictly needed but it never hurts to have a free hand to help organize things, especially at a Con show.  Besides, I figured it might be a good chance to take some interesting cosplay pictures.

Sadly, I didn't get much chance to take pictures.  But I did get a chance to join an entourage of our actors sent to meet with Patricia Quinn - the actress who originally played Magenta in both the stage play The Rocky Horror Show and in the film The Rocky Horror Picture Show. We welcomed her to Dallas and confirmed that she would be in attendance for our show the next night.

When it came time to perform The Time Warp, I was tasked with trying to film it.  Sadly, the stage we had wasn't very well lit and a small mob of people wound up crowding the dance floor between the stage and where I'd been set up to film.  So I didn't have any video footage of our performance.  I did get video of some very enthusiastic drunks cheering quite loudly - good for the ego, but bad for promotion purposes.  Still, I did manage manage to snag one picture on the way out - an apocalypse survivor, whom I had a lovely conversation with before leaving for the evening.

Saturday, I went to see Iron Man 3.  After returning home and writing a spoiler-free review, I headed out to Keith's Comics to get my subscription as well as some free comics.  More, I hoped to take part in the annual costume contest.  I didn't win anything but I did run into some friends, including Roy Buckingham of Sassycast, cosplay model and geek girl icon Taffeta Darling and Reese of Reese's Pieces, whom you might remember as the awesome Kitty Pryde from my Dallas SciFi Expo pictures.  If you don't remember her from that, check out these pictures from The Dallas Morning News.  You can't miss her.  Naturally, she won the kid's costume contest and I was lucky enough to be caught in the background as everyone was taking pictures of her awesome costume. 

It was late when I got to Texas Frightmare Weekend.  I found out after the fact that I missed a lot of friends who had gone there earlier in the day!  And by the time I got there most of the cosplayers had already left.  Double sadness.  Still, I did get one impressive picture of this Left 4 Dead Witch.

I also was lucky enough to get an autographed picture and personalized photo with Patricia Quinn before they closed the dealer's room for the day.  She's lucky!  I'm lucky!  We're all lucky!  Ha-ha-ha!  (I'm sorry.  I had to say it!)

Lady Stephens was kind enough to MC our preshow later that evening.  You can see the video evidence of it below and hear the crowd that packed the room.  We had to turn people away for fear of drawing the wrath of the fire marshal, it was so crowded!  A most awesome conclusion to an awesome day.

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