Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dallas Sci-Fi Expo 2013 - Day One, Part One

This was one of those rare conventions where I wound up posing for more pictures than I took.  Rare until recently, I should say.  The one picture I have so far of myself as The Doctor (Fourth Incanation, of course) is this pic snagged for my friend Roy Buckingham II - he of the Sassycast and Cult Film Fanatics podcasts.

Quite a lot of good costumes on display this day. Let's dig into what I caught on camera, shall we?

Crossplay Robin & Nightwing

Two Captains at rest

Kitty Pryde later went on to win the Children's Costume Contest.  The Lockeed actually moved! 

Gal Gardner
Matron Bae'ara Gode'ar - Queen of Rhylintiri'nozz.  Or, for you non game types, a dark-elf queen/priestess.  You can see more of her pictures at Drow OKC or on Deviantart
Arthur Dent

Number Six and... that guy that dated Number Six in BSG.

A Blade Runner group that includes our buddy Taffeta Darling as Zhora.
From left to right,  Rick Deckard, Zhora, Pris and Rachael.

One new innovation this year was a red-carpet area that allowed cosplayers a chance to strut their stuff before several photographers at once and let aspiring photographers get a lot of pictures at once.  Here's a group shot of all the Star Wars costumes on the Red Carpet.

Here's a group shot of half the Superhero cosplayers.

Here's a group shot of the other half the Superhero cosplayers.
A Star Wars Wampa
Nobody tosses a dwarf!

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