Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dallas Sci-Fi Expo 2013 - Day One, Part Two

More cosplay pictures!

Kaylee from Firefly, in her pretty dress from the Shindig episode.  Shealso has a strawberry that she's getting signed by every member of the Firefly cast.  How special.
Mystique and Magneto
I found a double-helping of Stephanie Brown - one Robin and one Batgirl. 
Because Stephaine Brown will never die, no matter how much Dan Didio wishes it!

Cyclops and White Qeeen

This Young Justice group went on to win the Cosplay Contest for best Comic Book Costume.
Two performers for an upcoming Nerd-themed Burlesque show.

Wonder Woman
 Terra and Rogue.
Marcus Fenix from Gears of WarNOT A Space Marine.

A Star Trek Weapons Officer and Evil Supergirl!

CAJ Cosplay as Dark Phoenix.

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