Monday, April 15, 2013

Batman #19 - A Review

Long-time Bat-fans will likely figure out the mystery of Batman #19 long before it is revealed.  When you have multiple cases of mistaken identity in a Bat-book, there is one likely suspect that comes to mind straight away.  Thankfully, Scott Snyder does put an interesting wrinkle into a well-established villain's bag of tricks that will keep the interest of even the most jaded of readers.  Moreover, the action sequences, penciled by Greg Capullo with inks by Danny Miki, will thrill everyone regardless of whether or not they can deduce just how Bruce Wayne seems to be robbing banks and shooting it out with the police.

The back-up story by James Tynion IV will offer chills and surprises to all.  Eerily illustrated by long-time Daredevil artist Alex Maleev in his usual shadowy style, this story depicts a Superman/Batman team-up in the days following Damian Wayne's death.  It spoils little to say that the case proves to have a supernatural element to it and it is an interesting juxtaposition to see the more realistic Dark Knight Detective and the magic-vulnerable Man of Steel suddenly pressed into a situation neither of them is fully capable of handling.

If you're only going to read one Batman book a month, this is the one to get.  The writing in both stories is always impressive.  The artwork is gloriously grotesque in a Gothic fashion that perfectly suits the world involved.  Simply put, this is a damn fine book.

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