Monday, April 15, 2013

Earth 2 #11 - A Review

There are many points of interest in Earth 2 #9 and James Robinson - no stranger to involved storylines - does a masterful job of balancing them all.  The lion's share of the issue is focused upon the creation of a new Doctor Fate - a revelation I have no trouble spoiling given that this issue's cover reveals that fact and they have been building to this moment for several issues now.  Yet amid this momentous occasion, Robinson manages to sneak in even more story, such as a full background for the mysterious mage Wotan and the appearance of two more Jack Kirby creations I'm surprised we have not seen sooner in the New 52. 

Nicola Scott's artwork is as fine as ever.  Indeed, fine is too small a word for Scott's prowess.  Detailed without being obscuring, Nicola Scott's pencils are enhanced by the equally skillful inks of Trevor Scott.  I'd be hard pressed to pick the best looking book on the market, but Earth 2 would easily make my personal Top 5.

I wish all the New 52 series showed the care and craft that seems to have gone into the creation and definition of Earth 2.  The stories are action-packed with engaging characters.  The artwork is crisp and beautiful.  This is a book every fan of the comics medium should be reading!

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