Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Green Lantern Corps #19 - A Review

When I think of writer Peter Tomasi, I think of one thing above all others - excellent dialogue.  Curiously, Green Lantern Corps #19 has very little of this.  Indeed, most of the issue is made up of splash pages and two-page sequences with multiple panels free of word balloons, as the Green Lanterns on Oa - freed from the influence of the First Lantern by a newly revived Mogo - fight an army of rage and fear-based constructs.

The action of the issue is well-paced and proves Tomasi as capable of writing a fight sequence as he is writing a lively conversation. It also showcases the abilities of penciler Fernando Pasarin and inker Scott Hanna.  Every page of this book is gorgeous, with a complex amount of detail going into each panel.   

If this issue has a flaw it is that, like most of the Green Lantern titles right now, it is largely inaccessible to new readers.  To Tomasi's credit, the action of this issue is easily understood but a first-time reader would be completely clueless as to who Mogo is and the significance of Mogo's return, to say nothing of the larger Wrath of the First Lantern storyline.  Green Lantern Corps #19 probably won't win over any new readers but it will please established fans of the series.

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