Thursday, January 17, 2013

World's Finest #8 - A Review

World's Finest #9 offers us three pencilers this month and - strangely enough - regular co-artist George Perez seems to be the odd-man-out artistically.  This is not to say that Perez's artwork is bad.  It is not.  All of the artwork in this issue is top-notch.  But Perez seems to be playing against type with his assignment this time around and the issue suffers somewhat as a result.

Renowned for his big, bold classic superheroic style, Perez's pencils seem out of place depicting the solo adventure of The Huntress that opens this issue.  It looks good but it doesn't look RIGHT, to my mind at least.  Perez's pencils seem somewhat over-inked - perhaps an effort to make the scene appear darker.  The colors by Hi-Fi don't help matters, presenting a bright "shadowy" rooftop that lacks any shadows. 

Hi-Fi also provides the colors for a series of flashback pages, drawn by Cliff Richards.  These pages depict Huntress's past, thinking back on her training under her father and mother - the Earth 2 Batman and Catwoman.  Here the bright colors are somewhat less intrusive and Richards' inks are more appropriate to the setting.

The final portion of the book, focusing upon Power Girl is illustrated by Cafu with the coloring duties performed by Rosemary Cheetham  I've enjoyed Cafu's recent work on Action Comics and Green Lantern Corps and the pencils here are typical of his fine work.  I think it might have been better had he and Perez switched sections, as Perez's work depicting Power Girl of late has been excellent.  

The script by Paul Levitz is a call-back to his recent Huntress mini-series.  Helena's actions there resulted in a price on her head and - finally - someone is trying to collect.  After a close-call with one group of assassins, Helena recovers and thinks back on her past as her best friend Power Girl starts dealing with the organization that placed the hit.

Despite this tie-in to a previous story, this issue is a good jumping-on point for those who have yet to give this wonderful book a chance.  The story is fun and action-packed.  The artwork is all-around excellent, despite my quibbling about George Perez being out of his comfort zone.  All in all, this is one of DC Comics best titles right now.

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