Saturday, July 28, 2012

RETRO: Fallout 3 War Journal #12

It took about two more hours of fighting raiders for me to finally get to the library. Well, 10 minutes to fight the raiders, a team of Talon Mercenaries I managed to sneak up on (thank you Stealth Boy) - and a GIANT giant scorpion that some random twit died trying to fight with a tire iron. The remaining 1 Hour and 50 minutes was devoted toward looting bodies, looting raider camps and then then stashing excess loot on the giant scorpion body as I dragged myself back to Megaton to sell loot. THEN dragging myself to Big Town once all the merchants in Megaton ran out of cash. Even after I bought "My First Labratory" for my house, which gives me every single item I can buy for improving my home, I was still up 1500 bucks. Woot!

Still, I finally got to the library. And oh this was anti-climatic. Seems the entire library is under lockdown by The Brotherhood of Steel. They claim to be what remains of the US Army, re envisioned as the neo-Knights of the Round Table. Either way, they're cramping my style with their metal power suits and laser weapons. Thankfully, the scribe watching the door is reasonable about me coming in and making a copy of the database archives since they're trying to fight their way to the main computers themselves. Seem the place is swarming with *laughs* radioactive roaches and raiders.

Now, I know what you're thinking - how can giant roaches and a bunch of punks in leather armor possibly stand up to a bunch of people in metal strength-increasing armor and laser cannons?

They can't. I'm lucky to get a shot in and earn xp for killing any of the raiders with two paladin's stomping around each part of the library that I enter. On the bright side, I have no problems getting to the archive wing, getting the information Moira needs and getting the hell out of there with a spattering of loot. I even manage to get the BoS Scribe to pay me 100 bucks per intact book I bring her. If I ever get strapped for cash (unlikely at this point, but you never know), I could easily come back here and clean up.

And as I head back over to Vamp town to unload all the blood packs I am carrying, I get ambushed by another 3 Talon Mercs. And that pushes me over the edge to leveling.

Yay Level 12. And now I'm a Paladin. Definitely "Have Gun, Will Travel" and not D&D.

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