Friday, July 27, 2012

RETRO: Fallout 3 War Journal #11

Next up: The journey to the Arlington Library

Make a long story short, I didn't get there, but I did discover two very important things.

1. Cars can explode if something else explodes near them. This is very cool when you're throwing grenades at the two mercenaries who are trying to kill you as they take cover behind a car. It isn't so cool when a cannibal raider with a missile launcher manages to kill you, separate your drumsticks from your thighs AND flame broil you to perfection in five seconds.

2. The Game World map actually shows areas that are blocked off by rubble and can only be accessed - relative to where you are - by an underground tunnel.

This later point would have saved me a lot of legwork before but hey... it DID result in me freeing another hot redhead enslaved by the Super Mutants. So hurrah for that.

So, where were we? Ah yes...

LAST TIME: I had just turned in the Declaration of Independence and parted ways with Sydney the hot mercenary chick. I sold off my excess loot and proceeded to head back to Megaton. As I left the city, I saw Sydney leaving town as well. Remember that she said she was going to Underworld and thinking "Hey! I promised the ghoul bartender in Megaton I'd look someone up for him but have no idea where Underworld is..." decided to follow Sydney. The fact that she's a smoking-hot ass-kicking babe in tight leather pants had nothing whatsoever to do with this decision. No no no...

Good thing for her that I did follow her though. Soon as she got to the nearest tunnels, three men in the same cheesy black leather armor came out. They recognized me, said they were with the Talon Mercenaries and that I couldn't just go around doing good and expect not to get noticed. And it was in this ensuing firefight that I discovered - cars blow up. They blow up good. It took me three minutes to find a piece of the mercs so that I could loot their bodies.

Yeah - another nice bit of game logic. If you blow someone's head off and can only find their body, you can still steal the helmet. :)

I follow Sydney through the tunnels - dispatch another raider in the process - and grab some excess loot I lost before. It's slow going as I become overburdened very quickly but I manage to keep up. And then on the other side of the tunnel, I discover something shocking.

Underworld? It's the Museum of History I walked right past when I was looking for the archives. Seems they set up shop in a wing that was devoted to a "History of The Underworld in Mythology" exhibit and the name stuck. Good news is that there's a thriving service industry here (goodbye excess guns and armor) and the ghouls are cool about smoothskins like me coming in as long as I don't shoot anyone. Suits me.

Sydney didn't take long to lose her share of the reward but she did invest part of it into becoming a guns and ammo saleswoman herself, operating out of the one bar in Underworld. What I couldn't sell to the local drug lord, she takes easily.

I leave Underworld behind, loot the rest of the Supermutant bodies I left behind while I was here and head back to Megaton. It won't let me tell Gob the bartender that I found the woman he was looking for - the woman who was basically the closest thing he had to a mother. Suckage. But I have enough money saved that I do manage to buy a personal infirmary, workbench, soda machine and jukebox for my house.

So yeah - no more wasted money on radiation detox or "all or nothing" healing for this boyo. I can patch myself up at home now.

So as I said... I still haven't made it to the library because it turns out that it is a LONG walk from Megaton and there's no fast-travel stop points along the way. Well, none I've found... and that long walk is full of tons of raiders.

Not much else to tell for the rest of the night. Fighting raiders. Lots of raiders. And no sooner do I bring down another raiding party, I have more armor and excess guns to haul back to Megaton to sell off, bringing about yet another round of enthusiastic pleading from Moira (No, I don't know if you can still check out books there! Just fix my armor, woman!)

Oh, and I encountered my first feral ghoul. Remember the really fast zombies in "28 Days Later"? Like that. But worse. I also fight - for some weird reason - a radioactive two-headed cow.

I can accept this. I'm just wondering... why NOW two-headed cow?

I quit for the night after a game glitch somehow put me into the editor - I think. Alt-Tabing out and tabbing back in seemed to work, but once I unpaused the game, THAT was when I discovered the pile of cars behind me blew up and once the glow died down I saw my carcass, up in the air, going what could be described as head-over-heels if I still had heels. Or calves.

Miraculously, my fedora (aka Shady Hat) stayed on the whole time. :)

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