Sunday, July 29, 2012

RETRO: Fallout 3 War Journal #13

Right. So I only have one more job from Moira for the book - investigate the old abandoned robot factory and reactivate the machinery there.

I think you can all guess where this leads - me shooting my way out of a factory as it turns out that - in spite of all Moira's evidence to the contrary - the robots are quite hostile when they wake up. Luckily I have tons of EMP-generating grenades on my person. Unfortunately, I probably just unleashed certain doom on the future since I don't have the mad science skills to hack the computers and reprogram the robots to be peaceful.

Still, have some fun along the way to said factory. I kill a lot more raiders who are camped out in an abandoned drive-in. By some miracle, I managed to walk their mine-field without setting anything off.

And I found a town full of very friendly, happy folks. Two typical 50s families... except for the fact that they live in a perfect three-house block in the middle of the apocalyptic wastes. And then there's the one old man who keeps telling me to get out of town while I still can. Well, naturally that piques my curiosity and I pickpocket the key one of the sleeping fathers since all of my lockpicks are broken.

Surprise surprise. It's "Motel Hell" meets "The Stepford Wives" and I'm suddenly shooting it out with two middle-aged women with bee-hive hair-dos and carving knives after I stumble across the shed where all the "new people" come looking for their perfect gated community wind up.

Takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincent's fritters.

ANYWAY, I get back to Moira, get a portable mini-nuke as a reward for all my efforts and the first copy of the book as well as a HUGE bonus to all my survival skills.

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