Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Resurrection Man #10 - A Review

Resurrection Man #10 is an excellent jumping-on point for those who have yet to discover one of the DCnU's quirkiest - and best - new titles. Told from the viewpoint of the titular Resurrection Man's new companion - a clairvoyant detective named Kim Rebecki - the opening of this issue sets up the base concept beautifully.

Mitch Shelley is an amnesiac who has somehow become immortal. More, every time Mitch dies he is reborn with a new superpower - usually something to counter his most recent demise. All Mitch wants is to find out who he was.  But a lot of powerful groups have a vested interest in stopping Mitch from doing that or bringing him over to their side.  This issue brings us back to two of the groups after Mitch who have been ignored in recent issues - Heaven and Hell themselves, each of whom has reasons for wanting to stop Mitch's using the Pearly Gates as a revolving door.

 It's a unique concept but writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning make it work. Mitch is a genuinely sympathetic character. He doesn't particularly want to be a hero but he doesn't shy away from helping people when he can. All Mitch wants is to know who he was and - based on what little he knows of his past so far - make up for his misdeeds.

The artwork by Jesus Saiz (most recently of Birds of Prey) is top-notch. Siaz is probably best known for his ability to drawn beautiful women and the forces of Heaven (all attractive women in business attire) give him ample opportunity to indulge in his particular specialty. Despite this, the artwork is not explotive or sexist. And unlike many artists known for their pin-ups, Siaz is equally capable of drawing a good action scene.

Long story short, this series is an over-looked treasure and you should give it a shot.

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